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Jul 5, 2010

Opportunities in Non Surgical Bio Implants Marketed injectable biomaterials applications and leading players now available at ReportsandReports

Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce it Opportunities in Non-Surgical Bio-Implants: Marketed injectable biomaterials, applications, and leading players Market Research Report in its Store.

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Report Summary

Injectable bio-implants provide rapid non-surgical treatments and offer effective replacement, restoration, or modulation of function to lost, damaged, or dysregulated physiology. Market opportunities for injectable bio-implants are high in an increasingly aging population that demands fast, effective, and safe treatments for age-related conditions. Both medical and aesthetic applications for biomaterials make the market opportunities for injectable bio-implants highly attractive for drug and device manufacturers. However, biocompatibility is crucial for any implantable biomaterial to integrate into the host anatomy and prevent an immunogenic response.

This report provides a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the current market for viscoaugmentation and viscosupplementation products and shows how research and development has expanded product choice and diversity among the relatively limited injectable medical devices that are approved.

The report also shows promising next-generation bio-implants and those in preclinical research and clinical development. It details the challenges of achieving biocompatibility and the technologies that have successfully emerged from biomaterials research. Additionally, the report details the major players, market opportunities, and emerging sectors of the field that are changing the landscape of injectable treatments with major applications in cosmetic dermatology and orthopedics. The report also shows how reformulation and product line extensions may be needed to succeed in an increasingly saturated market sector.

Key features of this report

  • Analysis of current biomaterials that have been developed as injectable medical devices
  • Evaluation of the barriers and problems associated with biocompatibility for developed biomaterial types
  • Identification of the current trends in injectable bio-implants for aesthetic and medical indications and how companies have expanded indications to increase revenues and portfolios
  • Analysis of next-generation products and how companies are reformulating products to improve clinical performance and patient attractiveness.
  • Assessment of approved injectable viscoaugmentation and viscosupplementation devices and the strategies employed to expand product lines

Scope of this report

  • Understanding of the key obstacles in research for biocompatibility in the development of injectable medical devices
  • Rationale for injectable device development and how biomaterials R&D has evolved to meet unmet needs in aesthetics and orthopedics
  • Up-to-date information on the marketed viscoaugmentation and viscosupplementation product sectors
  • Evaluates the key recent developments and activities of companies who are developing and licensing injectable bio-implant technologies.

Key Market Issues

  • Biocompatibility is a critical issue for commercial development of injectable bio-implants. Products that are not safe and biocompatible will fail in the marketplace.
  • Medical technology and device developers need to develop next-generation products that offer greater clinical benefits, value, and patient and physician preference.
  • Demand for more durable and adaptable formulations of bio-implants has led to expanded brands and indications in the market.
  • Reimbursement issues for injectable bio-implants in orthopedics is driving innovation to reformulate products that are more durable and hence more cost-effective.
  • Development efforts are underserved and focus on limited repertoire of biomaterials that reach the clinic.

Key findings from this report

  • Biocompatibility is a critical issue that challenges research and development of injectable bio-implants. Commercialized products are limited to collagens, hyaluronic acids, polymer formulations, and ceramics.
  • Demand for safer, more effective treatment options has stimulated R&D to produce a variety of same-type products differentiated by type, size, indication, and unmet needs mainly in cosmetic dermatology and orthopedics.
  • Commercial opportunities are evident for approved viscoaugmentation and viscosupplementation products in crossover fields where injectable bio-implants may be developed for a variety of diverse conditions.
  • Research and development themes are limited and few novel biomaterials have reached the clinic indicating upside potential for R&D in the field.
  • Companies are increasingly licensing and re-marketing products across therapeutic areas to maximize sales revenues, novelty, and product choice.

Key questions answered

  • What are key challenges in developing an injectable biomaterial and bio-implant?
  • What are the current commercialized product types and how have they evolved?
  • What are the key viscoaugmentation and viscosupplementation products and what key indications are they used for?
  • What are the trends in product development for approved injectable products?
  • How are companies optimizing their product lines?

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