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Aug 17, 2010

New Report - 2009 Deep Research Report on China Wind Farm Operation

2009 Deep Research Report on China Wind Farm Operation


2009 Deep Research Report on China Wind Farm Operation was published by QYResearch Wind Energy Research Center on July 2009. It was a professional and depth research report on China Wind Farm Operation. In this report we focus on China domestic market and make comprehensive and objective reflection of China's current status of wind farm operation.

We also make a forecast of China Wind power market. At first, we make an introduction of the background knowledge of wind farm operation, including wind farm site layout etc, then in the theme part of the report, we make a detailed analysis of national wide wind power installed distribution, and introduce the wind farm operators systematically.45 main wind farm operators were detail analysis including their whole wind farm, installed Capacity, wind turbine partners, wind turbine models, lifting time etc. In addition, we also made analysis on China wind power policy and development plan. In the second chapter of the report, we made a statistics of China Top 20 wind farm operators’ cumulative installed capacity (MW) and new installed capacity (MW) in 2008, and given their respective market share.

We also made statistics of wind turbine installed distribution of major wind turbine manufacturers during these years. Finally, we made a detailed cost-benefit feasibility analysis of wind farm operation. We forecast the possible risks and benefits of wind farm operation in the future. In order to facilitate investors to make investment decision on new wind farm project. We make reference to major domestic wind farm project, and make accurate calculation of wind farm project Cost, Generating capacity, On-grid price, and CDM revenue.

In a word, it was a depth research report on china Wind Farm operation. And thanks to the support and assistance from some wind power experts and related enterprises during QYResearch Wind Energy team survey and interview.

Table of Contents

Chapter OneWind farm Overview
1.1Wind farm Overview
1.1.1Wind farm Definition
1.1.2Wind farm Location
1.1.3Wind farm Overall layout
1.2 China Wind power policies and measures
1.3Wind farm Operation
1.3.1Wind farm Operation Cost Analysis
1.3.2Wind farm Operation Prospect analysis

Chapter Two The distribution and development of Wind farm in China
2.1 China Wind energy Distribution
2.2 ChinaWind farm statistics
2.2 China's provincesWind farm statistics
2.3 2008 China Wind farm operators statistics
2.4 Wind turbine manufacturers statistics
2.5Wind farm Operation Forecast

Chapter Three ChinaWind farm Key operators
3.1 Longyuan Electric power(China Guodian)
3.2 Datang Corporation
3.3 Huaneng Group
3.4 Guohua Power(Shenhua Group)
3.5 China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co., Ltd (CGNPC)
3.6 China Power Investment Corporation (CPI)
3.7 Huandian New energy(Huandian Group)
3.8 China energy conservation investment corporation
3.10 Shandong Luneng Group
3.11 OtherWind farm operators
3.11.1 China Resources
3.11.2 Beijing Energy Investment holding Co. ,Ltd
3.11.3 Guangdong Yudean Group Co.,Ltd(Guangdong)
3.11.4 Hebei Construction Investment Company(Heibei)
3.11.5 Hebei Hong-Song Wind Power Share Holding Ltd.(Heibei)
3.11.6 Yantai Dongyuan wind power company(Shandong)
3.11.7 Xinjiang wind energy Co.,Ltd(Xinjiang)
3.11.8 Ningxia electricity company(Ningxia)
3.11.9 Huafu wind power company(Heilongjiang)
3.11.10 Yinyi Wind power(Ningxia Yixin energy 000862)
3.11.11 Ningxia Tianjing Wind Power Generation Electricity Joint Stock Co., Ltd (Ningxia)
3.11.12 Shanxi Fuguang wind power company(Shanxi)
3.11.13 Shanghai wind power(Shanghai)
3.11.14 China Water Investment Group Corporation(CWI)
3.11.15 Xinjiang Tianfeng Wind Power Co. Ltd. (XTWPC)(Xinjiang)
3.11.16 Tianrun Investment company(Xinjiang Wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldwind)
3.11.18 Gansu Clean source wind power Co., Ltd.(Gansu)
3.11.19 Fumei wind power Co.,Ltd(Fujian)
3.11.20 Fujian investment & Development Co.,Ltd.(Fujian)
3.11.21 State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC)
3.11.22 Zhejiang electric power corporation(Zhejiang)
3.11.23 Heilongjiang Fulong Windpower Co.,Ltd,(Heilongjiang)
3.11.24 Hunan Xiangtou International Investment Company(Hunan)
3.11.25 Inner Mongolia Xinjin Wind Power Co.,Ltd
3.11.26 Honiton Energy (Baotou) Ltd.
3.11.27 Shanxi Zhangze Electric Power Co.,Ltd(000767)
3.11.28 Cixi Changjiang Windpower(Zhejiang)
3.11.29 Zhangjiakou Bode Yulong Power Development Co.,Ltd(Heibei)
3.11.30 Daqing Longjiang Wind Power Co.,Ltd(Heilongjiang)
3.11.31 Jiangsu Guoxin Yancheng Biomass Power Co., Limited(Jiangsu)
3.11.32 Jilin Taihe Wind power Development Co., Ltd.(Jilin)
3.11.33 Gansu Xin’an Wind Power(Gansu)
3.11.34 Hubei Jiugongshan Wind Power Co Ltd.(Hubei)
3.11.35 Tianyuan wind power Co.,Ltd(Inner Mongolia)

Chapter Four Feasibility Analysis of China New Wind farm Projects
4.1 Opportunity and Risk of China Wind farm Projects
4.2 Feasibility Analysis of Wind farm project

Chapter Five China Wind farm Operation Research Conclusions

QYResearch Group
QYResearch Group

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