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Oct 6, 2010

Future of Specialty Paper Chemicals in China -2010 now available at ReportsandReports

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Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce it will carry Future of Specialty Paper Chemicals in China -2010 Market Research Report in its Store.

It is the second edition report about SPCs production and consumption in China. China is now the top paper making and consumption country in the world by volume, however it is far from a powerful papermaking country which can be seen from the advanced paper equipment and high-end SPCs. In China, the best paper equipment and SPCs are imported or made by foreign enterprises in China and the application of SPCs in paper is lower than developed countries.

Paper industry in China is now under the upgrading process. With more and more new and large equipments as well as new technology adopted and increasing demand of paper, the future of SPCs in China is promising.

In this report, CCM focuses on following aspects:
  • Major paper species production and consumption situation in China
  • Major SPCs producer in China
  • Competition between domestic producers and foreign/ joint ventures both in papermaking and SPCs’ production
  • Major SPCs production situation in China
  • Current technologies in papermaking and trends in the next five years
  • SPCs consumption breakdown in each paper species by value and volume
  • SPCs consumption trend in the next five years by volume
  • Experts view on the trends of papers and SPCs in China
  • Opportunities in SPCs industry
This report can provide an overview of SPCs production and consumption as well as key players in China.

Table of Contents

Executive summary

I Introduction and methodology
I-1 Time and data scope
I-2 Report scope
I-2-1 SPCs
I-2-2 Paper Grades
I-3 Report objective
I-3-1 Target
I-3-2 Objectives
I-4 Methodology
I-5 List of definitions

II Key drivers and trends
II-1 Change of fiber material structure
II-1-1 Comparison between China and the world
II-1-2 Historical fiber structure
II-1-3 Governmental policy
II-1-4 Impact of import wood pulp and waste paper
II-1-5 Effects on SPCs
II-2 Paper and paper board production in China
II-2-1 Overall situation
II-2-2 Newsprint
II-2-3 Printing and writing paper
II-2-4 Packaging
II-2-5 Tissue
II-3 Structure of paper grade
II-4 Environmental issues
II-4-1 Overall pollution situation in China
II-4-2 Pollution situation in paper industry
II-4-3 Policy on environmental protection in paper industry
II-5 Concentration of paper & paper chemical industry
II-6 New papermaking technologies and equipments
II-6-1 Technologies
II-6-2 Equipments and technologies imported

III Competitive landscape
III-1 Competition in papermaking scenarios
III-2 Competition in specialty paper chemical scenarios
III-2-1 Situation of paper chemicals consumption
III-2-2 Involvement of foreign companies
III-2-3 Marketshare of foreign companies vs. chinese companies

IV Cutting-edge technology developments
IV-1 New requirement of SPCs technology adoption roadmap
IV-2 Sizing technology
IV-2-1 Summary of sizing technology
IV-2-2 Internal sizing
IV-2-3 Surface sizing
IV-3 Retention and drainage technology
IV-4 Water treatment technology
IV-4-1 Overall situation
IV-4-2 Reusing of white water
IV-4-3 Technologies for white water reuse
IV-5 Deinking technology
IV-5-1 Introduction to the deinking technology
IV-5-2 Chemical deinking technology
IV-5-3 Biological enzyme deinking technology
IV-6 Coating technology
IV-6-1 Overall situation
IV-6-2 Preparation of coatings
IV-6-3 Coating methods
IV-7 Wet strength technology
IV-8 Dry strength technology

V Market situation of SPCs from 2005-2009
V-1 Chemical types
V-1-1 Deinking chemicals
V-1-2 Sizing agents
V-1-3 Coatings
V-1-4 Wet strength additives
V-1-5 Dry strength additives
V-1-6 Brighteners
V-1-7 Retention and drainage aids
V-1-8 Biocides
V-1-9 Defoamers
V-1-10 Water treatment chemicals
V-2 Paper grades
V-2-1 Newsprint
V-2-2 Printing and writing paper
V-2-3 Packaging
V-2-4 Tissue
V-2-5 Other papers

VI Market forecasts to 2014
VI-1 Macro factors
VI-1-1 Economic, demographic and social fator
VI-1-2 Environment and policy
VI-2 Verification & questionnaires
VI-2-1 Aim and scope of the survey
VI-2-2 Key findings for papermaking Industry
VI-2-3 Key findings for SPCs industry
VI-3 Assumption
VI-4 Market forecast
VI-4-1 Forecast on paper & paperboard in China for 2010-2014
VI-4-2 Forecast on SPCs in China for 2010-2014

VII Market opportunities and conclusion
VII-1 Key factors on SPCs in the next five years
VII-2 Market opportunities
VII-3 Conclusion

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