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Apr 26, 2012

2016 Lighting Fixtures

Commercialization of LED fixtures to be significant
The commercialization of light emitting diode (LED) lighting is also having a significant impact on the industry. LEDs are longer-lived and more energyefficient than incandescent lamps but currently only account for a small share of demand. LED-based lighting fixtures are expected to provide especially strong growth through 2016 due to the rapid pace of technological advances in the LED light sources which will make them more energy-efficient, brighter and more affordable. In addition, while some LEDs can be used in place of traditional incandescent bulbs, lighting fixture manufacturers are also developing fixtures which are specifically designed for LEDs and help to optimize their performance.

Lighting fixture products include nonportable and portable fixtures, as well as separately sold parts and accessories such as aftermarket lamp ballasts, fittings, switches, globes and shades. Demand for lighting fixtures is dominated by nonportable fixtures, which accounted for nearly two-thirds of total lighting fixture demand in 2011. Nonportable fixtures derive their dominant position from widespread use in the full range of construction and vehicular applications. Demand for nonportable fixtures is also expected to post the strongest gains through 2016, benefiting from the rebound in construction activity and vehicle production.

Lighting fixture industry in US

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Residential market to post strongest growth rate
The residential market is expected to post the strongest gains, nearly doubling between 2011 and 2016, as new residential construction activity rebounds. While demand in new housing will provide the larger share of growth, the residential repair and improvement segment will also rise from low 2011 levels, supported by both increasing housing sales and greater consumer spending.

US shipments of lighting fixtures to lag those of overseas manufacturers
Growth of US lighting fixture shipments will lag demand over the forecast period, as a significant portion of additional demand is expected to be supplied by overseas manufacturers, especially those in China. In 2011, Chinese firms accounted for over one-half of US lighting fixture imports and supplied almost one-fourth of US lighting fixture demand. Other important sources of US lighting fixture imports include Canada and Mexico.