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Apr 2, 2012

Global Markets and Technologies for Home Medical Equipment - Focus on Japan

Home medical equipment (HME) is a multibillion-dollar market.  Since BCC published its last study of the HME market in 2010, the market has continued to evolve, as populations age and a growing number of older people wish and are financially able to live in their own homes for as long as possible, rather than going into a nursing home or other institutional care facility.  These demographic and attitudinal shifts in the health care market are reinforced by technological developments such as wireless home monitoring, and economic trends, like the rising cost of institutional care and a growing receptivity to home health care among physicians and private and public insurers.
Since the prior research study was published, the market has continued to evolve, due to factors such as an aging population, increased incidence of heart disease and other conditions requiring close patient monitoring and technological developments such as wireless remote monitoring.

Home Medical Equipment Market

 Published: March 2012
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These trends are global, at least in advanced industrial nations.  However, most published analyses of the HME market focus on the U.S. market.  Since U.S. medical equipment manufacturers are among the largest suppliers to the global health care market, they need to gain the most detailed understanding of international markets for their products, including HME.

This report is intended to provide an objective, quantitative analysis that addresses the global market for HME in the context of technological change and an evolving market.  More specific objectives are to
  • Identify and segment the main types of HME that have been commercialized to date.
  • Analyze the historical and current value of shipments of each of these product segments in specified applications, end-user and geographical markets.
  • Identify and evaluate the impact of demographic, technological, regulatory and other factors that will drive future demand in each of these segments.
  • Forecast the value of future shipments in each segment.
  • Identify promising new technologies and products still in the development and testing stage that are likely to be commercialized successfully in the next five years.
  • Identify leading HME vendors.
This study was prepared using both primary and secondary research methodologies.  The findings and conclusions of this report are based on information gathered from manufacturers and distributors of HME, multilateral and government agencies, caregivers, insurance companies and other knowledgeable sources.   Interview data were combined with information gathered through an extensive review of secondary sources such as trade publications, trade associations, company literature and online databases to produce the baseline market estimates contained in this report.
The base year for analysis and projection is 2010.  With 2010 as a baseline, market projections were developed for 2011 to 2016.  These projections are based on a combination of a consensus among primary research sources and our understanding of key market drivers and their impact from a historical and analytical perspective.  The analytical methodologies used to generate the market estimates are described in detail in the section titled Detailed Market Projections.