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Aug 23, 2012

Renewable/Low Carbon Energy Opportunities for Businesses

The report offers technical and commercial guidance on a range of renewable and low carbon generation technologies for business operators to work out what solutions suit them and how they can implement these solutions for maximum benefit to the business.

Features and benefits
  • The report will help business operators to identify the most cost-effective way of meeting their environmental targets.
  • This report will help business operators to manage the risk to their business through improving security of supply.
  • The report will empower business operators to adopt a balanced approach towards assessment of their energy supply options.
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Report Details:

Published: August 2012
No. of Pages: 146
Price: Single User License:US$ 2875 Corporate User License:US$10781


The report provides straightforward access to the technical, environmental, and commercial principles of renewable/low carbon energy generation systems, providing the knowledge needed to follow an appropriate path for the business.

The report gives valuable guidance on project delivery options that achieve a balance of risk and reward appropriate to the business.

The report equips the reader with analytical methodology that will be applicable even with inevitable changes in technical and economic data with time and changing circumstances.

Your key questions answered
  • What is the best balance between renewable energy generation and energy efficiency measures?
  • Which renewable/low carbon energy supply options are likely to give the best return on investment for businesses?
  • How can the risk to the business be minimized through renewable/low carbon energy supply measures and the way they are delivered and operated?
  • What is the required level of intervention in system delivery and operation by the business operator for different renewable/low carbon generation?
  • Is it better to invest in on-site or off-site generation for your business? 
Table of Contents

About the author

Drivers for renewable energy in business
Energy Hierarchy and prioritizing of energy measures
Balancing energy supply and demand
Technology option overview
Economics of renewable energy systems
Environmental impacts of energy systems
Risks to business operator
On-site versus off-site
Delivery of renewable energy systems
Business internal change
Summary comparison of options and energy system approach
Report overview

Drivers for renewable energy in business
Environmental/planning drivers for renewable energy
Building regulations
Carbon Reduction Commitment
EU Emissions Trading Scheme
Economic drivers for renewable energy
Reputational drivers for renewable energy

Energy Hierarchy and prioritizing of energy measures
Introduction to concept
Priority 1: energy conservation
Priority 2: energy efficiency
Priority 3: utilization of renewable resources
Priority 4: efficient supply of energy

Balancing energy supply and demand
Approach towards energy/CO2 balancing

Technology option overview
General characteristics of renewable energy
Solar photovoltaics
Maintenance of PV
Solar thermal
Solar hot water
Solar space heating
Solar cooling
Wind energy
Biomass heating
Log stove
Log boiler
Pellet boiler
Wood chip boiler
Oil boiler
Other fuel types
Anaerobic digestion
Biomethane mains injection
Bioenergy electricity generation and combined heat and power
Direct combustion with steam turbine
Organic Rankine cycle with steam turbine/Stirling engine
Advanced thermal conversion (pyrolysis and gasification) with gas engine/gas turbine/fuel cells
Natural gas-fired combined heat and power
Absorption chilling
Co-firing of biomass with fossil fuels or waste
Heat pumps
Ground source heat pumps
Air source heat pumps
Energy storage
Thermal energy storage
Cooling energy storage
Electrical energy storage
Smart energy systems
Smart metering
Smart control systems

Economics of renewable energy systems
Capital cost
Operational cost
Lifecycle costing
Feed-in tariffs
Renewables Obligation Certificates (UK)
Electricity Market Reform – Contract for Difference
Renewable Heat Incentive
Green Deal