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Aug 26, 2012

World Sensors Market in Healthcare Applications (2012-2017), Global Forecast & Analysis - Segmentation by Type of Sensor (Temperature, Pressure, Chemical, Flow, Level, Position, Image and Biosensors), Monitoring, Therapeutic, Diagnostic, Drug Discovery & Delivery Applications, Geographical & Country-wise Markets

The use of sensors in the healthcare sector was fueled by the continuous need for advancements in healthcare electronic devices & equipment to “sense” and “monitor” temperatures, pressures, chemical, position, and biological levels of patients and drugs for applications in diagnostics, therapeutics, monitoring, drug discovery and delivery; in hospitals and other medical facilities, including home-treatments. The various sensors that find application in healthcare include pressure, temperature, chemical, flow, level, position, and image and biosensors. The market witnessed tremendous boost from numerous medical applications in various devices of hospital and home monitoring systems, advanced therapeutic systems, clinical, and home diagnostics. The medical segment provided way for rapid penetration of image sensors with several new advancements using fiber-optic technology in image sensing equipments, increased use of temperature sensors with several temperature sensing devices such as digital thermometers, and so on.

This report, based on the extensive research study on the world sensors market in healthcare applications, aims at identifying the entire market and all its sub-segments through extensively detailed classifications, in terms of both - revenue and unit shipments. This report is focused on giving a bird’s eye-view of the industry with regards to global sensors market in healthcare applications with qualitative analysis with regards to each and every aspect of the classifications done by types of sensors, application, and geography.

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Published: August 2012
No. of Pages: 402
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The report covers the global market for every type of sensors across all the applications in the healthcare sector. Hence, the report focuses on the application markets for sensors in both – medical and pharmaceutical applications. All the market statistics in the report except those in Chapter 6 – Market classification by application, are inclusive of revenue and volumes from both - medical and pharmaceutical applications. Three major aspects with respect to the global sensors market in healthcare applications covered by this report are ”Market Overview”, ”Market Analysis” and ”Market Classification”. The market overview and market analysis are covered in Chapters 3 and 4, with Chapters 5 to 7 covering the detailed market classification.

The report begins with an overview of the global market (& related industry) delving into the history & evolution; followed by market statistics comprising the estimates (for current year) and forecasts (till 2017). In the aspect of overall market analysis, the report gives a detailed analysis of the market dynamics – drivers, restraints, and opportunities for the global market, along with impact analysis of each influential factor on the market over the time-line. The report also provides the burning issues and winning imperatives of the market along with its complete value-chain and analysis of Porter’s five forces with respect to the global market.

A complete competitive landscape of the current market is analyzed by the market share analysis and rankings of the current key players and all the other details of the key players are discussed in their company profiles. The competitive information in this report includes market shares of leading device & component manufacturers, key developments, and core strategies deployed to win in the race, mergers & acquisitions, new product developments, collaborations, and JVs of key manufacturers along with their company profiles. The company profiles of the key players provide information about the sensor-related business of each player specific to the healthcare sector and also the latest data on the overview of the company and all its other major businesses.

The report also discusses the future of the global market with road-maps, discussing the upcoming technologies, markets and application segments with respect to the healthcare sector and also gives insight into the trends and developments related to global medical electronics and their effect on this market.

Scope & Markets covered

The scope of this report includes only the market for sensor chips (final devices) manufactured by key players for use in various healthcare applications. Thus, all market statistics (revenue, volumes, CAGRs, percentage shares) correspond to the market for sensor chips only. The market statistics of more complex and typically used electronic devices such as modules, packages, electronic equipments, medical instruments, healthcare systems, and the other similar devices are not included in any way in the market statistics mentioned in this report. The complete market viewed and analyzed in this report is only for sensors in all the aspects and chapters.

The market statistics with regards to revenue and volume mentioned throughout this report do not cover the aspects related to raw material, wafers, dies or any other intermediate stage of the several industry processes in the supply chain or sales of players in several segments of the value chain and correspond to sales of only the ODMs.

The applications scope of this research study is limited to the healthcare sector specifically and does not include the market of sensors in applications of major & common end-user sectors such as Computers, ICT, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Industrial, Power, Military, Defense and Aerospace.

In this report, the global sensors market for healthcare applications is fully segmented into the following categories and covered in the following aspects:
  • Overall market: Sensors market in healthcare applications, global sensors market, market dynamics, and Porter’s analysis
  • Value chain: Sensors industry value chain, raw material vendors, EDA & design tool vendors, IP vendors, foundry vendors, fabless vendors, fab vendors, Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs), Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Assembly, Testing & Packaging (ATP) players, Traders, and Distributors
  • Market by Types of sensors: Temperature sensors, Pressure sensors, Chemical sensors, Flow sensors, Level sensors, Position sensors, Image sensors and Bio sensors; sub-markets of each type of sensor by application and by geography
  • Market by Application: Medical applications – sub segmented into Monitoring, Therapeutic and Diagnostic applications; Pharmaceutical applications – sub segmented into applications in drug discovery and drug delivery
  • Market by Geography: North America – U.S, Mexico, Canada; Europe – U.K., Germany; APAC – China, Japan, India and Rest of the World
  • Competitive Landscape & Company Profiles: Key players in each type of sensor and each application market, market share analysis and rankings; key developments and recent industry activities – new product and technology developments & launches, agreements, partnerships, collaborations, JVs and Mergers & Acquisitions