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Sep 3, 2012

Organic Light Emitting Diodes - Technologies and Global Markets

This report is an update of an earlier (2011) BCC report on the global market for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), the goal of which is to analyze the latest developments in this rapidly developing market. Specific objectives include quantifying the market in 2012 and analyzing its growth potential in the years through 2017, with a focus on the two major market segments for OLEDs (electronic displays and solid-state lighting), as well as emerging markets such as sensors. Additional objectives include discussing recent technological developments and patent trends and analyzing the economic, political and legal/regulatory environment within which the OLED industry will continue to develop.


The study should be of interest to display manufacturers, component makers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), lighting manufacturers, construction companies, distributors and system integrators. It will also provide useful information to manufacturers of information systems, personal computers, tablet computers, televisions, lighting systems and other consumer electronic products, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment, appliances, transportation equipment, and medical devices. Finally, its contents should interest architects, builders and home designers.


The study analyzes the global market for OLED electronic displays and lighting devices through 2017, as well as the geographical breakdown of OLED production and consumption. The market for other emerging OLED applications, such as sensors, is also covered in less detail.

The study also includes the following major elements:
  • Industry structure.
  • Technology trends and patent analysis.
  • Global economic environment.
  • Government, industry and academic support.
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Report Details:

Published: August 2012
No. of Pages: 91
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Both primary and secondary research methodologies were used in preparing this study. BCC interviewed approximately 125 companies to obtain data for this study, including manufacturers of OLED displays and components, lighting devices, consumer products, communication systems, instrumentation, and transportation equipment. BCC also spoke with OLED users in a variety of industries and compiled data from current financial/trade information, such as trade publications and financial reports and government sources.

The base year for analysis and projection is 2011. With 2011 data (actual or estimated) as a baseline, market projections were developed for 2012 to 2017. These projections are based on a combination of a consensus among the primary contacts combined with BCC’s understanding of the key market drivers and their impact from a historical and analytical perspective.

The methodologies and assumptions used to develop the market projections in this report are discussed at length in the detailed market estimates and projections for each OLED application. The report carefully documents data sources and assumptions. This way, readers can see how the market estimates were developed and, if they so desire, test the impact on the final numbers of changing assumptions such as price.


The original report on which this updated edition is based was prepared by Bob Moran. Mr. Moran has worked as a technology market analyst and technology writer for more than 20 years and is the author of numerous BCC Research reports. He has authored reports covering thin film deposition, photovoltaic solar technology, electronic gaming, magnetic and optical storage, surface modification of polymers, and other technology topics. He has also served as the editor of BCC Research publications, including Display Industry News and Micro and Nanotechnology.

The analyst responsible for updating the report is Andrew McWilliams, a partner in the Boston–based international technology and marketing consulting firm, 43rd Parallel LLC. Mr. McWilliams is the author or co-author of many other BCC studies, including studies in related fields such as NAN031D Nanotechnology: A Realistic Market Assessment; NAN036B Nanotechnology for Photonics: Global Markets; AVM078A New Electronic Materials and Device Technologies: Global Markets; and SMC018D Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for Lighting Applications.