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Jan 22, 2013

Poland Telecommunications Services Market Research Report

Discover how Polish businesses use telecommunications services. Report reveals high potential services and prognosis for overall growth

In order to provide a more detailed examination of the business services segment, PMR has prepared Telecommunications services for the business segment in Poland 2012 Development forecasts for 2012-2016. This report provides detailed information on specific areas of interest as well as for the overall business services market as it applies to fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony and DLISP (line rental, internet access and data transfer) services.

This document supplies statistical data, insightful analysis and precise forecasts for the business segment of Polish telecommunications, and explores the purchasing habits and spending patterns of Polish businesses in terms of various telecommunications services. It also tracks the visible changes in this segment using historical data accumulated from years of market observation. The expert analysts at PMR have combined information from many sources to evaluate the prospects of telecoms services currently being added and expanded by business clients. They have created a dynamic description of this specialised market and the trends and conditions that influence demand for various services and stimulate overall growth potential.

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This report examines fixed line telephony, presenting the total value and lines utilised by Polish businesses, the degree of penetration achieved by the market and the status of the sub-segment of VoIP services among business customers. It provides analysis of the mobile telephony segment, with data on its value and estimates of growth potential and totals of SIM cards used by business customers. It also includes coverage of the business-related DLISP services segment, including growth potential for internet access services, line rental, IP VPN, data transfer services, and collocation and hosting at a time when Polish businesses are investing in mobile and internet technology as their employees expand usage.

The document profiles major telecoms companies that serve Polish businesses, and estimates the overall value of the business telecoms services segment in Poland. It reviews potential customers, and reports on the specific services they use and plan to add in the near future. It describes the service packages that major companies currently provide to business customers and the market trends that will dictate growth in the years ahead while describing the size, value and volume with which the business services segment is expected to grow, and the specific direction that growth will take.

Telecommunications services for the business segment in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2016 will enhance the efficiency of business operations of telecoms services and equipment providers, research and consulting services providers focused on this segment and a variety of other professionals with interests in this evolving marketplace

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