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Sep 15, 2010

The Top 10 Contract Research Organizations: Positioning, performance and SWOT analyses now available at ReportsandReports

Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce The Top 10 Contract Research Organizations: Positioning, performance and SWOT analyses Market Research Report in its Store.

The Top 10 Contract Research Organizations: Positioning, performance and SWOT analyses Cost containment and regulatory pressures within the pharma industry are driving R&D outsourcing across the globe. Clinical obstacles to approval have become more significant due to the growing availability of existing generic treatments, and the trend to adopt Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR) assessments is increasing the complexity of clinical research. As a result, the scope of the CRO industry is expanding, and the global market is predicted to value $35bn by 2013.
‘The Top 10 Contract Research Organizations’ is a report published by Business Insights that examines the competitive landscape of the global CRO industry. The latest key issues and evolving business models in the CRO market are identified and the leading companies in this sector are profiled in detail. For each of the top 10 CRO companies, this report provides a detailed examination of financial performance by business segment and growth strategies in the form of key acquisitions and divestments. The opportunities and threats facing each of these leading players are also assessed. This report also examines the size and growth of the global CRO industry, with analysis of major market drivers and trends in CRO destinations.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction 22
What is this report about? 22
Methodology 22
Chapter 2 Industry overview 24
Summary 24
Introduction 25
Market overview 25
Global CRO market: size and growth 25
Global positioning of the top 10 CROs 26
Key market drivers 29
Key market resistors 30
Business models 31
Full-services CROs 31
Niche CROs 31
Trends in the global CRO industry 32
Consolidation in the CRO industry 32
Evolution of software as a service (SaaS) based electronic data capture (EDC) 35
Implementation of biomarkers in clinical trials 36
Participation of private equity players 38
New CRO destinations 39
Asia-Pacific 39
India 39
China 40
Latin America 42
Eastern Europe 42
Africa 43
Chapter 3 Quintiles 46
Summary 46
Company overview 47
Recent financial performance 48
Growth strategies 48
Investing in infrastructure 48
Expansion of consulting business 50
Acquisitions and divestments 50
SWOT analysis 51
Strengths 52
Depth in service offerings 52
Strong presence in emerging economies 52
Weaknesses 53
Exposure in limited therapeutic areas 53
Opportunities 53
Launch of interactive data analysis tool 53
New facility in India 53
Expansion in Japan 53
Threats 54
Stringent regulations 54
Increasing competition 55
Chapter 4 Covance 58
Summary 58
Company overview 59
Recent financial performance 59
Performance by business segment 61
Growth strategies 61
Attaining operational efficiency through six sigma implementation 61
Develop capabilities in emerging markets 62
Acquisitions and divestments 62
SWOT analysis 63
Strengths 63
Global capabilities 63
Stronger therapeutic base 64
Strong liquidity position 64
Weaknesses 64
Declining performance in late-stage segment 64
Opportunities 65
Expanding facilities in mature pharmaceutical markets 65
R&D collaboration with Eli Lilly 65
Threats 66
Weakening early-stage development segment 66
Regulatory compliance 66
Chapter 5 Pharmaceutical Product Development 68
Summary 68
Company overview 69
Recent financial performance 69
Performance by business segment 70
Growth strategies 71
Collaboration for development of innovative compounds 71
Expansion in central laboratory services 71
Acquisitions and divestments 72
SWOT analysis 73
Strengths 74
Depth in phase II–IV service offering 74
Strong financial performance 74
Weaknesses 74
Declining revenue contribution from PPD’s discovery segment 74
Opportunities 75
Investment in technologies 75
Geographical expansion 75
Outsourcing deal with Merck 76
Threats 76
Dependence on a small number of industries and clients 76
Chapter 6 Charles River Laboratories 78
Summary 78
Company overview 79
Recent financial performance 79
Performance by business segment 80
Growth strategies 81
Building capabilities for clients 81
Acquisitions and divestments 81
SWOT analysis 82
Strengths 83
Strong technology platforms for pre-clinical testing 83
Weaknesses 83
Higher debt burden 83
Opportunities 84
Expansion in China 84
Threats 84
Cost cutting in biopharmaceutical industry 84

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