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Sep 16, 2010

The Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India: Growth strategies, performance and SWOT analyses now available at ReportsandReports

Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce The Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India: Growth strategies, performance and SWOT analyses Market Research Report in its Store.

The leading players in the Indian pharmaceutical market comprise both India-based and MNCs. This report provides an insight to the current state of Indian pharmaceutical industry as well as the evolving trends. This report analyzes the Indian pharmaceutical industry in light of market size, key drivers and resistors, trends and competitive positioning in the global market. It also analyzes the competitive landscape of the industry based on financial and operational (field force strength, R&D spend, exposure to chronic therapeutic areas and the US pharmaceutical market) parameters.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction 20
What is this report about? 20
Methodology 20
Chapter 2 Industry overview 24
Summary 24
Introduction 25
Market dynamics 25
Indian pharmaceutical market: size and growth 25
Key market drivers and resistors 26
India’s adoption of product patent regime 27
Evolution of biopharmaceuticals in India 28
Competitive positioning of India in global pharmaceutical market 30
Competitive landscape 32
Competitive positioning of the top 10 companies 32
Exposure to US generics market 35
Comparative analysis of the top 10 companies 36
Trends 37
Increasing participation of innovator companies in Indian pharmaceutical space 37
Pharmaceutical companies making inroads into rural India 38
Shifting focus towards Japanese generics market 39
Growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases 40
Expanding alliances in biopharmaceuticals 41
Chapter 3 Cipla 46
Summary 46
Company overview 47
Marketed products 47
Therapeutic focus 49
Research and development 49
Growth strategies 50
Expanding in international markets through alliances and partnerships 50
Expanding capabilities 50
Growing in the US generics market 51
Acquisitions and divestments 51
SWOT analysis 52
Chapter 4 Ranbaxy 54
Summary 54
Company overview 55
Marketed products 56
Therapeutic focus 56
Research and development 57
Growth strategies 58
Rebuilding business in the US market 58
Shifting focus towards complex products in the US 58
Monetizing the FTF opportunities in the US 58
Improving penetration in emerging markets 59
Strengthening management involvement in Ranbaxy 59
Acquisitions and divestments 60
SWOT analysis 61
Chapter 5 GSK (India) 64
Summary 64
Company overview 65
Marketed products 66
Therapeutic focus 66
Research and development 67
Growth strategies 68
Augmenting product portfolio in India 68
Leveraging its parent company’s product portfolio 68
In-licensing products 69
Expanding rural presence and hospital sales 69
Acquisitions and divestments 70
SWOT analysis 71
Chapter 6 Piramal Healthcare 74
Summary 74
Company overview 75
Marketed products 75
Therapeutic focus 77
Research and development 77
Growth strategies 78
Capitalize on contract manufacturing opportunities 78
Growing business through alliances and partnerships 78
Acquisitions and divestments 79
SWOT analysis 81
Chapter 7 Zydus Cadila 84
Summary 84
Company overview 85
Marketed products 86
Therapeutic focus 86
Research and development 87
Growth strategies 88
Alliances fostering growth in international generics markets 88
Sustaining revenue growth in Indian formulation business 89

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