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Jan 26, 2012

Airline Industry Customer Contact Experience Benchmarks

This research study benchmarks various customer contact experience attributes such as customer satisfaction, customer experience, and customer loyalty for the airlines industry across many contact channels: live agent phone, IVR, email, chat, and Web self-service. A Web-based survey methodology was used for this study: N=567. Companies benchmarked in this study include but are not limited to: AirTran, Alaska, American, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, United, and US Airways. Within the industry, the most popular contact channels are: website self-service and phone/live agent. E-mail is less popular, while phone/IVR and chat with live agent are niche channels.

Executive Summary

Use of Specific Channels
Within the airline industry, the most popular contact channels are as follows:
  • Website self-service (used by over half of those who contacted an airline within the past four weeks)
  • Telephone live agent (used by xx percent)
  • E-mail (used by xx percent)
  • Telephone-IVR and website (used by x percent)
  • Chat with live agent (used by x percent)

Airline Market Customer Contact Experience Report

Published: December 2011
No. of Pages: 64

Top Channels: Satisfaction, Meeting Expectations, and Loyalty
  • Website self-service receives the highest “overall satisfaction” score (mean x.xx on a scale from 1 [very dissatisfied] to 7 [very satisfied]), followed by phone-live agent (mean score x.xx).
  • E-mail and website self-service best satisfy customers’ expectations (mean score x.xxand x.xx, respectively, on a scale of 1=below expectations, 2=expectations met, 3=above expectations). Telephone-live agent and interactive voice response obtained slightly lower results (mean score x.xx and x.xx, respectively).
  • Website self-service also receives high “customer loyalty score*” results (mean score x.xx on a scale from 1=lowest loyalty to 7=highest loyalty). E-mail (mean score x.xx) and phone-live agent (mean score x.xx) round out the top three.
Table of Contents

Research Objectives, Method Details, and Demographics 3

Multi-Channel Customer Contact Executive Summary 7

Live Agent Phone Interactions 19

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Interactions 33

E-mail Interactions 36

Web Chat Interactions 38

Web Self-Service Interactions 40

Brand Profiles: Top Three Brands 46

The Frost & Sullivan Story 60