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Jan 19, 2012

Coal Seam Gas (CSG/CBM) in Asia, 2011 - Market Analysis, Investment Scenario, Competitive Landscape and Production Forecasts to 2015

The report provides detailed information and analysis of CSG/CBM market in Australia, China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The report primarily focuses on -
  • Major growth drivers and challenges for development of CSG/CBM resources in Australia, China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • Various exploration projects, major companies engaged in CSG exploration and production. Projected CSG/CBM production by 2015 for Australia, China, India and Indonesia.
  • Overall CSG scenario in Australia including, reserves, production and major basins with CSG potential including Australia CSG fiscal regulations.
  • Overall CBM scenario in China including, reserves, production, major government policies and targets.
  • Overview of CBM in India with key reserves and production and detailed policy measures and CBM exploration rounds.
  • Status of CBM exploration in Vietnam and key companies engaged in CBM exploration.
  • CSG/CBM Production forecast for the period 2011–2015 for Australia, China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • CBM scenario, CBM reserves and basins of Indonesia including policy measures and various companies engaged in CBM operations.

Published:January 2012
No. of Pages: 77

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This is the latest report from industry analysis specialists offering comprehensive information on the Asian Coal Seam Gas market, covering Australia, China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The report provides information on the coal seam gas and coal bed methane overall scenario, reserves, exploration, production, production forecast and status of CSG/CBM projects. The research also provides an in depth analysis of the CSG/CBM basins, fiscal policies, trends and competitive landscape of key CSG/CBM assets.

Reasons to buy

The report will enhance your decision making capability. It will allow you to -
  • Identify potential investment targets based on the exhaustive information on reserves, production, government policies and ongoing projects, supported by in-depth analysis on each of the CBM markets in Asia.
  • Take prompt and effective business decisions supported by forecasts and well-researched analysis of the top CBM Markets in Asia.
  • Devise business strategies based on the competitive structure of the markets if expanding or entering into the CBM market in Asia.
  • Gain insights into competitors’ endeavors based on their operations and planned projects.
  • Identify opportunities to partner with companies operating in these expanding markets.The report will help in to:
  • Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights into Asia’s coal bed methane/ coal seam gas exploration and production market.
  • Identify opportunities and challenges in the CSG/CBM industry, especially the policy and regulatory structures.
  • Understand the policy landscape and fiscal regulations on CSG/CBM development in Australia, China, India and Indonesia.
  • Increase future revenue and profitability with the help of insights into future opportunities and critical success factors in the CSG/CBM industry.
  • Identify the opportunities to partner with the major players and enter this prolific investment destination.
  • Make smart investment decisions in the CSG/CBM markets by leveraging on our detailed insights into the industry.