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Jan 29, 2012

Contact Center Applications Market

This study covers the contact center applications market in the Latin America and Caribbean. It breaks the market into sub-regions and application segments including ICR, IVR, Outbound, and APO. It also focuses on market challenges, drivers, restraints, and trends. The Latin American contact center applications market grew 3.0 percent from 2009, and it is proving a positive investment area, shown by an encouraging seven-year growth rate. The Andean region grew the most and will continue to grow in the near future, showing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6 percent. Backed by a CAGR of 8.0 percent, APO income will increase by a total of 71.7 percent in these seven years, indicating the highest growth perceived for the base year.

Contact Center Applications Market

Market Overview—Key Questions
  • Is the market growing, how long will it continue to grow and at what rate?
  • Which is the status of the industry within these countries? Are those structured correctly to reach further growth?
  • What are the key drivers & restraints for growth within Latin America?
  • How will the structure of the market change over time? Which are the key competitors to watch?
  • Are the applications offered today meeting customer needs or is there additional development needed? Will the current applications get commoditized? Will new applications arise?
  • How each of the applications markets will evolve in the short and medium term?
Drivers Explained

Rapid Development of New Markets in the Andean Region are Sparking Competitiveness and Growth

  • With traditionally strong markets such as Brazil and Mexico reaching a growth plateau, countries such as Peru and Colombia have taken center stage in Latin America. These two countries, followed closely by Chile, are expected to grow increasingly in the future and lead overall market growth, as seen in the Andean Regions seven-year forecast.
Increased Need to Ensure Higher Quality Customer Interactions is Firing the APO Applications Market
  • In order to deliver efficiency to their clients in this ever-competitive market scenario, companies have begun pushing APO tools and will continue to push them through 2017, making them the highest growing product and allowing it to make up for losses in other markets.
Mexico’s Quick Rebound from Economic Hardship Has Restored Confidence in the Overall Market
  • The growth recovery witnessed in Mexico is extremely important for the regional overview of the industry. Not only does this allow the country to regain its investment confidence but, more importantly, it will fuel growth in CACAR due to its proximity and the influence it has on the region.
Increasing Awareness of the Importance of Social Media will Drive Demand for Contact Center Applications
  • The need to adapt to social trends is being witnessed globally through the increased usage of social media on a daily basis. Such communication trends will increase demand for new solutions in Latin America.
Restraints Explained

Economic Uncertainty in Key Markets such as Argentina is Leading to Reduced Growth
  • Following the economic debacle witnessed in the past, there are still signs of economic struggles in certain regions. This is the case in the Southern Cone, where negative competitive conditions for this industry are still lingering around Argentina. Given this scenario, not only is growth in this market jeopardized but it could have collateral effects on smaller, trendier markets in the region due to the threat of similar conditions in the mid-term.
Stagnation in the Large Center Segment throughout the Region will Defer Large Investments
  • The maturity of the large contact center segment is a red flag for the industry. New targets for vendors tend to be either small or medium-sized companies, translating the loss of potential high-volume sales that have been driving the industry for many years.
Table Of Contents

Executive Summary 5

Market Overview 9

Total Contact Center Applications Market -

External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints 17
Forecasts and Trends 24
Market Share and Competitive Analysis 32
Segment Breakdown—Total Contact Center Applications Market 38
Inbound Contact Routing Systems 41
Interactive Voice Response 46
Outbound Dialing Systems 51
Agent Performance Optimization 56

Regional Breakdown—Total Contact Center Applications Market 61
Brazil 64
Mexico 69
Central America and the Caribbean 74
Andean Region 79
 Colombia 84
Southern Cone 89
 Argentina 94
 Chile 99

The Last Word 104

Appendix 107