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Feb 2, 2012

Outdoor Furniture & Grills Industry in US to 2015

US demand for outdoor furniture and grill products (including patio heaters and accessories such as umbrellas, covers, cushions and grilling utensils) is expected to increase to almost $7 billion in 2015. This growth reflects an improvement over the 2005-2010 period, during the latter half of which reduced consumer spending associated with the economic recession limited demand for these products. The market for outdoor furniture and grill products will benefit from improvements in construction expenditures and consumer spending, as well as the continued popularity of outdoor living areas such as patios, porches and decks. In addition, growing interest in outdoor rooms with coordinated d├ęcor will support gains as consumers continue to invest in higher quality products.

Grills and accessories to be fastest growing segment
Outdoor furniture and accessories made up over two-thirds of value demand in 2010. The grill and accessories segment is expected to see the fastest increases through 2015, benefiting from ongoing upgrades to more expensive, featureintensive grills and the continued development of specialized grill accessories. The relatively small patio heating product segment will match the industry’s overall pace, with sales supported by the availability of firepits in an expanding range of sizes, styles and price points.

United States Market for Outdoor Furniture & Grills

Published: January 2012
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Growing imports to continue limiting value gains
Continued increases in imports, particularly of inexpensive products from lowcost countries, will limit value gains to some degree. Imports have long constituted a significant share of the US outdoor furniture and grill market, and in 2010 imports accounted for almost threefifths of total outdoor furniture and grill demand. Chinese suppliers continue to further penetrate the US market, contributing significantly to the growth of imports. Additionally, some US-based companies have shifted production to China in order to better compete with foreign suppliers, a trend that has further boosted imports.

Dominant residential market to be outpaced by nonresidential demand
Due to the dominance of the residential market, which accounted for over 90 percent of total outdoor furniture and grill demand in 2010, consumer spending and home decorating trends are factors that are significant drivers of demand. Residential consumers will continue to prefer more stylish, higher quality outdoor furniture and grill products that provide an extension of living spaces into the outdoors. Consumers are also increasingly trading in basic, inexpensive furniture for higher quality dining and conversation sets. Going forward, the expected rebound in the housing market combined with the continued popularity of outdoor rooms and home entertainment activities will offer opportunities in the residential market. However, the fastest gains are expected in the significantly smaller nonresidential market, driven by the continued popularity of outdoor dining and entertainment spaces at such establishments at restaurants, bars and hotels.

Company Profiles
Profiles for 39 competitors such as Bradley (WC) Company, Weber-Stephen Products, Agio International, Brown Jordan International, Home Casual and more.

Additional Information:

Major suppliers of outdoor furniture and grill products are identified and profiled, and key industry competitive variables are discussed. A number of outdoor furniture and grill manufacturers produce only a share of the related products sold under their brand names (sometimes called “national brands”) -- typically the higher value products -- while outsourcing production of other product lines to contract manufacturing firms, often to firms in China or other low-cost countries. Similarly, many leading retailers offer private label (sometimes called “store brand”) outdoor furniture and grill products -- with higher value products often sourced from leading domestic producers and commodity products typically manufactured in low-cost countries.

The market share data presented for the manufacturers includes all products sold under their own brand names (whether manufactured in-house or through an outsourcing agreement) as well as all related retail private label products manufactured by these suppliers. The sales figures for private label products provided in the “Leading Private Label Suppliers” section are strictly a measure of the related private label brand sales for each retailer. As such, these private label figures exclude all sales of national brand outdoor furniture and grill products sold at these stores. Furthermore, to maintain compatibility with the market share and demand figures elsewhere in this report, the private label sales figures represent manufacturer’s level prices and thereby do not reflect retailers’ overhead costs or any markups that might be included in the retail sales of these products.

Table of Contents



Economic Outlook
Demographic Trends
Consumer Income & Spending
Personal Income & Expenditures
Consumer Financing
Construction Trends
Residential Construction
New Housing
Housing Stock
Single-Family Home Sales
Porch, Patio & Deck Trends
Nonresidential Construction
Nonbuilding Construction
Market Trends & Seasonality
Pricing Patterns
International Activity & Foreign Trade

Outdoor Furniture & Accessories
Outdoor Furniture
Extruded Aluminum
Cast & Wrought
Wicker & Rattan
Wood & Other Materials
Leading Suppliers
Cushions & Covers
Umbrellas & Hammocks
Grills & Accessories
Supply & Demand
Charcoal & Other Solid Fuel
Electric & Other
In Use
Leading Suppliers
Grill Parts & Grilling Utensils
Patio Heating Products

Residential Market
Single-Family Housing
Multifamily Housing
Manufactured Housing
Nonresidential Market
Other Markets

Regional Demographic & Economic Trends
Population Patterns
Economic Outlook
Construction Activity
Housing Outlook
Consumer Expenditures
Regional Demand for Outdoor Furniture & Grills
New England
Middle Atlantic
East North Central
West North Central
South Atlantic
East South Central
West South Central

Industry Composition
Market Share & Leading Suppliers
Product Development & Manufacturing
Competitive Strategies
Brand Name Recognition
Conventional Advertising
Strategic Media Partnerships
Cooperative Agreements
Distribution Channels
Mass Merchandisers
Specialty Retailers
Home Centers
Leading Private Label Suppliers
Mergers, Acquisitions & Industry Restructuring
Company Profiles
Ace Hardware Corporation
Agio International Company Incorporated
Barbeques Galore, see Grand Hall Enterprise
Blue Rhino, see Ferrellgas Partners
Bradley (WC) Company
Brinkmann Corporation
Brown Jordan International Incorporated
Broyhill Furniture Industries, see Furniture Brands International
Casual Living Worldwide, see Brown Jordan International
Century Furniture LLC
Char-Broil, see Bradley (WC)
China Yada Technology Group Company Limited
Coleman, see Jarden
Craftmade International Incorporated
Ducane Products, see Weber-Stephen Products
Ethan Allen Interiors Incorporated
Ferrellgas Partners LP
Furniture Brands International Incorporated
Grand Basket Company Incorporated
Grand Hall Enterprise Company Limited
Grosfillex Sarl
Home Casual LLC
Home Depot Incorporated
Homecrest Outdoor Living LLC
Innovative Surfaces, see Homecrest Outdoor Living
Jarden Corporation
Keter Group
Kmart, see Sears
Laneventure, see Furniture Brands International
Linya Group Company Limited
Lloyd/Flanders Industries Incorporated
Lowe’s Companies Incorporated
MECO, see Unaka
Monessen Hearth Systems Company
Nags Head Hammocks, see HammockSource
RIO Brands
Russell Hobbs, see Spectrum Brands
Schou Company A/S
Sears Holdings Corporation
Spectrum Brands Holdings Incorporated
Stark Truss Company
Target Corporation
Treasure Garden Incorporated
Tropitone Furniture Company Incorporated
Unaka Corporation
Vermont Castings, see Monessen Hearth Systems
Wabash Valley Manufacturing, see Brown Jordan International
Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated
Weber-Stephen Products LLC
Winston Furniture, see Brown Jordan International
Woodard, see Craftmade International
Yotrio Group Company Limited
Other Companies in the Outdoor Furniture & Grills Industry


Summary Table

1 Macroeconomic Indicators
2 Population & Households
3 Personal Consumption Expenditures
4 Consumer Financing Environment, 2000-2010
5 Construction Expenditures
6 Residential Building Construction Expenditures
7 New Housing Indicators
8 Housing Stock by Type
9 Existing Home Sales
10 Single-Family Porch, Patio & Deck Construction
11 Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures
12 Nonbuilding Construction Expenditures
13 Outdoor Furniture & Grill Market Volatility, 2000-2010
14 Outdoor Furniture & Grill Pricing Patterns
15 US Trade in Outdoor Furniture & Grills
16 US Imports of Outdoor Furniture & Grills by Source
17 US Exports of Outdoor Furniture & Grills by Destination

1 Outdoor Furniture & Grill Supply & Demand
2 Outdoor Furniture & Accessory Supply & Demand
3 Outdoor Furniture Supply & Demand
4 Metal Outdoor Furniture Supply & Demand
5 Plastic Outdoor Furniture Supply & Demand
6 Wicker & Rattan Outdoor Furniture Supply & Demand
7 Wood & Other Materials Outdoor Furniture Supply & Demand
8 Cushion & Cover Supply & Demand
9 Umbrella & Hammock Supply & Demand
10 Grill & Accessory Supply & Demand
11 Grill Supply & Demand
12 Grill Demand by Type
13 Gas Grill Demand
14 Charcoal & Other Solid Fuel Grill Demand
15 Electric & Other Grill Demand
16 Grills in Use by Type
17 Grill Part & Grilling Utensil Supply & Demand
18 Patio Heating Product Supply & Demand

1 Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand by Market
2 Residential Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand by Housing Type
3 Single-Family Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand
4 Multifamily Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand
5 Manufactured Housing Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand
6 Nonresidential Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand
7 Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand in Other Markets

1 Population by Region
2 Gross Domestic Product by Region
3 Construction Expenditures by Region
4 Regional Housing Indicators
5 Regional Personal Consumption Expenditures
6 Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand by Region
7 Northeast Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand by Subregion & Product
8 Selected Outdoor Furniture & Grill Company Facilities in the Northeast
9 Midwest Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand by Subregion & Product
10 Selected Outdoor Furniture & Grill Company Facilities in the Midwest
11 South Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand by Subregion & Product
12 Selected Outdoor Furniture & Grill Company Facilities in the South
13 West Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand by Subregion & Product
14 Selected Outdoor Furniture & Grill Company Facilities in the West

1 US Outdoor Furniture & Grill Sales by Company, 2010
2 Selected Cooperative Agreements
3 Selected Outdoor Furniture & Grill Retail Outlets by Company
4 Leading US Outdoor Furniture & Grill Private Label Sales by Company, 2010


1 Year of Construction of Housing Stock, 2010
2 Outdoor Furniture & Grill Market Volatility, 2001-2009
3 Outdoor Furniture & Grill Pricing Deflators, 2000-2020
4 US Outdoor Furniture & Grill Imports by Type & Source, 2010
5 Sources of US Imports as a Share of Total Demand, 2000-2010
6 US Outdoor Furniture & Grill Exports by Type & Destination, 2010

1 Outdoor Furniture Demand by Type, 2010
2 US Outdoor Furniture Market Share by Company, 2010
3 Grill Demand by Type, 2010: Value & Volume
4 US Grill Market Share, 2010

1 Regional Market Comparison, 2010
2 Outdoor Furniture & Grill Demand by Subregion, 2010

1 US Outdoor Furniture & Grill Market Share by Company, 2010
2 US Outdoor Furniture & Grill Retail Sales by Outlet, 2010