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Jan 11, 2012

New Emerging R&D Locations

This report examines and compares the next wave of clinical trial and drug development locations. Over the next 5 to 10 years, the countries identified in this report will become increasingly important as offshoring and outsourcing destinations.

Features and benefits
  • Compare 5 new emerging R&D locations in terms of population, economic activity, healthcare infrastructure, and current R&D activity.
  • Analyze how clinical trial numbers are changing in China, India, and Eastern Europe.
  • Develop strategies for geographic outsourcing.
  • Assess other new emerging regions and their potential.
  • Evaluate cost savings of offshoring pharma R&D.
Published:January 2012
No. of Pages:150

While R&D growth is still strong in the Asian and Latin American countries of China, Brazil, and India, it has stalled, or even declined, in Eastern Europe and Russia. China, Brazil, and India also have some of the lowest site densities suggesting that they still have significant opportunity for further expansion.

South Korea has a rapidly emerging clinical trial sector. Regulatory standards are high, and approval processes efficient. The expertise of South Korea in drug discovery and preclinical research, is being recognized, and the country is emerging as a destination for R&D across the entire drug development spectrum.

Qatar, Taiwan, and Cuba have great potential as R&D destinations, although they are likely to lag behind the main next-wave countries identified in the report: South Korea, Thailand, Bulgaria, Jordan, and Egypt.

Your key questions answered
Which countries will become the key outsourcing and offshoring destinations for pharma R&D over the next 5-10 years?
How do the various emerging R&D locations compare in terms of patient populations, infrastructure and regulation?
What challenges do pharma companies face in offshoring R&D?
What factors are driving pharma companies to look beyond China and India?
What other countries have the greatest potential as R&D locations?