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Apr 30, 2012

Power Infrastructure in Europe

This research investigates the current position and the issues for the next generation of Europe’s power industry.
Features and Benefits
  • Analyze electricity demand profiles in Europe by country.
  • Analyze the latest energy storage technology.
  • Get up-to-date information on the development of the smart grid.
  • Understand how offshore generation is impacting power infrastructure.
  • Understand how the future power infrastructure in Europe will pan out.
An assessment of energy flows in 2010 indicates that a large number of countries are dependent on energy exports to meet demand. In this assessment "wheeling," where a country acts as a conduit to energy moving from one country to another, is ignored, since the import flow into the wheeling country would equal the subsequent export flow.
While the pressure is present to develop extensive renewable energy projects across Europe, driven by both public perception and political will, it is likely that conventional generation will continue to be the dominant source of electricity generation for at least the next long-term planning cycle.
To date, the proximity to the shore of the majority of offshore developments has meant that economics have dictated that HVAC transmission technology be used. However, as farm to shore distances increase it is likely that greater use of HVDC will come to the fore.
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Published: April 2012
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