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May 7, 2012

Austria Consumer Appliances Industry

A respectable performance despite a continued slowdown in growth
The overall consumer appliances market saw a healthy performance for another year in both volume and current value terms in 2011, although the trend of slower growth continued. The end of the government reimbursement scheme for the replacement of old appliances with energy-efficient products in 2011 was partly the reason for the slower performance, as there were already a lot of households which had replaced appliances in 2010, and fewer did so in 2011. In addition, uncertainties surrounding the future of the euro started to affect Austria during the third quarter of 2011, with the result being an increasing number of households reverting to the cautious approach to the purchase of big-ticket items – including consumer appliances – which they adopted during the economic crisis a few years ago. Nevertheless, the positive development of the market in 2009 and 2010 also benefited the 2011 performance, and indicated that consumers were willing to invest in consumer appliances, ensuring continued positive, albeit slower, volume and value growth for 2011 overall.

Convenience and health drive innovation in consumer appliances
As a durables market, the key themes influencing demand for consumer appliances in Austria during 2011 were trends which had already been present in the market for a few years, namely convenience and health. Convenience was a very strong deciding factor amongst Austrian consumers when purchasing consumer appliances in 2011, driving sales of technological innovations which provide greater convenience in terms of efficiency, functionality and user-friendliness. The growth of coffee pod products within coffee machines, as well as robotic vacuum cleaners within vacuum cleaners, were key indicators of the strong performance of products which offer more convenience to consumers in 2011. Alongside the demand for products offering more convenience, consumers also increasingly demanded appliances which would facilitate healthier lifestyles, ranging from electric steamer ovens to refrigeration appliances which claim the capability of keeping the refrigerated food fresher for a longer period of time.

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