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Sep 17, 2012

Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement - Adoption of Health Technology Assessments (HTA) Optimizes Drug Pricing and Accelerates Reimbursement Decision-Making

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the healthcare system and pricing and reimbursement process in the US, top five countries of Europe (the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy), Japan, Australia and China, with a detailed analysis of the different regulatory mechanisms used in these countries. The report closely scrutinizes the major changes in pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement in these nations in the recent past and their impact in the near future.

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Published: September 2012
No. of Pages: 68
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Pricing and reimbursement issues are geography-specific and mostly depend upon the economic conditions of the country in question. Governments in the different countries of Europe have been adopting various measures to bring uniformity to the prices of pharmaceuticals by introducing measures such as international price referencing, pharmacoeconomic evaluations, value-based pricing, internal price referencing, price capping, risk sharing models, and positive and negative price lists. The Value Based Pricing System (VBPS), which is in the process of being adopted by the UK, will only reimburse drugs that provide value to patients. In addition, there are issues with respect to orphan drugs since there are no specific regulations governing their pricing, and pharmaceutical companies are exploiting patients by aggressively pricing these therapeutics. Pricing and reimbursement affects many players in the economic environment such as political parties, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory authorities, and patients. This report analyzes the impact of pricing and reimbursement issues on the concerned stakeholders. The report provides information on the economic situation of different countries with statistical graphs and graphs that represent the expenditure made by respective governments with respect to GDP. The report also provides information on the different pricing and reimbursement mechanisms that are being used in the current environment.

A detailed study of the healthcare systems and roles of the key players in the respective pharmaceutical systems in the US, top five countries of Europe (the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy), Japan, Australia and China.
Analysis of the major pricing and reimbursement mechanisms in each country.
Key trends that have emerged from the recent changes brought about in pricing and reimbursement mechanisms.
Possible major challenges brought about by the enactment of changes in the pricing and reimbursement scenes in the countries covered.

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Build an understanding of the key pricing and reimbursement mechanisms for pharmaceuticals in the key markets of Europe.
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Develop effective business strategies related to new drug launches through the analytical insight gained from key trends in the pricing and reimbursement scene for the countries covered.