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Oct 4, 2012

Fruit Market | Next-Generation Superfruits

This report examines the emerging market of superfruits within the global food and drinks market, analyzing data from four metrics: product launches, patent applications, health claim applications, and clinical trial data. This will enable manufacturers to assess the emerging trends and growth opportunities within the superfruit food and drinks landscape.

Features and benefits
  • Use patent application data to see which superfruits are provoking the most interest in terms of research and what is being deemed patentable.
  • Use product launch data to identify the target areas for existing superfruit-based products. Understand the product breakdown by category.
  • Assess EFSA's opinions and understand what types of claims are being made about which superfruits.
  • Identify three up-and-coming superfruits as “ones to watch” in the future.
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Report Details:

Published: September 2012
No. of Pages: 90
Price:Single User License:US$2875 Corporate User License:US$10781 


Blueberry and pomegranate are the most popular superfruits in new food and drink launches. But novel fruits are gaining ground, with chokeberry, jujube, and seabuckthorn being notable examples. Over 400 new food and drink products containing seabuckthorn were launched in 2009–12, the majority of which hit shelves in Russia, Germany, and France.

A high proportion of health claims involving superfruits have been specifically about antioxidants, with over one in 10 claims submitted to EFSA addressing antioxidant properties. Although many superfruit ingredients have been lauded for their cellular protection properties, only acerola is associated with an endorsed health claim by EFSA.

According to the Cochrane Library, a significant 63% of clinical trials undertaken on superfruits in the period 2009 to 2012 were able to establish a cause and effect relationship. This should prompt further testing in future to establish the positive roles superfruits play in managing certain health conditions.

Your key questions answered
  • What are the more unusual superfruits that have potential to be successfully applied to food and drinks products?
  • What health claims are being made about superfruits and how will these impact food and drinks players?
  • What clinical trials are being undertaken on superfruits and how can these be useful to food and drinks companies?
  • What patent applications have recently been filed on these superfruits and what will be the impact on their FMCG usage?
  • How will regulations impact the sale of these superfruits in global markets?