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Oct 1, 2012

Maintaining Growth in the Renewables Sector

This report looks at the evolution of renewable energy, from the factors that have led to significant and continuing growth, to those that may curb growth in the short term. The report identifies growing awareness and acceptance of renewables as a driver, but concludes that the lack of a stable investment environment could limit this growth and that a broader, longer-term strategy is needed.

Features and benefits
  • Gain insight into where the renewables sector is now and an overview of current trends broken down by fuel, region, country, end-user, and generator.
  • Understand likely future trends and the key issues leading to growth, including investment, cost-equivalence with fossil fuels, and energy security.
  • Understand the main factors that could cause renewables development to falter, including failure to disaggregate renewable energy by fuel.
  • Gain an overview of principal alternatives to renewables development and the strengths and weaknesses of these alternatives.
  • Gain recommendations and the basic components of the strategy needed at a national level to ensure continuing renewables growth. 
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Report Details:
Published: September 2012
No. of Pages: 72
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The days when renewables development was seen as a question of whether to implement a specific renewable in a specific location are gone: renewables need to be seen as part of a portfolio of energy resources that may include other modern conventional technologies (including natural gas and CCS).

The continued development of renewables requires strategic vision and investment in infrastructure and technology: most obviously, smart grid and energy storage. However, new generation biofuels technology is needed to kickstart this segment of the renewables market.

The move toward the next generation of technologies is unlikely to be possible without strong signals from states and governments that they will be supported.

Your key questions answered
  • Where are renewables now in the overall energy mix and how is this reflected by region and by country?
  • What are the long-term prospects for renewables and which are expected to see the most significant growth over the next decades?
  • What are the principal policy and investment issues?
  • What are the key technological and structural obstacles to renewables implementation?
  • What changes need to be put in place at government level to ensure continuing renewables success?