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Oct 9, 2012

Opportunities in Emerging EU Wealth Markets

Wealth management in the European Union (EU) market is in the middle of a number of changes as banks have been looking to restructure business models in the last couple of years. The European private banking and wealth management industry is among the most important in the European financial services sector. The current potential for the core private banking client segments – HNWIs and UHNWIs – is already significant enough to be regarded as attractive by the industry; and it is expected to increase significantly during the next few years. The high net worth individual (HNWI) population in Europe grew by 1.1% and reached 3.2 million individuals in 2011 from 2.6 million in 2008 and is estimated to increase at a faster rate in the next couple of years. The long-term potential and expected growth rates for key countries are promising. The origin of client wealth in the emerging EU markets is more a matter of income flows than of past accumulation; according to research findings, wealth is mainly produced by new entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners.

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Published: October 2012
No. of Pages: 72
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• This report focuses on the European private banking and wealth management industry
• It provides a business-orientated view of important elements for strategic management and discusses possible sources of differentiation
• It discusses the main market development and diversification-related issues for emerging EU markets, such as client profile, current wealth allocation portfolio, and possible differentiation criteria
• It provides the description, analysis and comparison of market structures, potential, competitive environment, further market development and regulatory framework– both for mature and emerging EU markets

Reasons To Buy
• The report looks at core market development and diversification strategy issues concerning the emerging EU markets such as their market potentials, market structures or the competitive environment
• It evaluates the growth opportunities of a product development approach for new products, such as property funds, on the basis of an emerging EU market
• It tests a number of desk research hypotheses concerning strategic management of growth opportunities in an EU enhancement environment by an expert management survey of the industry
• The report provides detailed research on core product development topics for mature markets, such as major investment constraints, expected further development and possible sources of differentiation

Key Highlights
• The typical client segments of the European private banking and wealth management industry represent only about 9% of the total population in Europe, but represent around 60% of the total wealth held by private individuals.
• Around 4.2 million core millionaires, who have between US$1 million and US$10 million to invest, accounted for 27% of a typical private bank’s assets in 2011.
• The industry’s profit margins have increased from 20bp in 2009 to 24bp in 2010, while cost/income reached 71% in 2010