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Jun 29, 2010

Molten Salt Solar Energy Thermal Storage and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Now Available at ReportsandReports

Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce it Will Molten Salt Solar Energy Thermal Storage and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Market Research Report in its Store.

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This new study on Molten Salt Solar Energy Thermal Storage and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP): Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016, has 309 pages, 103 tables and figures.

Large solar farms are part of the answer to implementing energy generated from capture of heat from the sun. Utility scale systems are complex implementations of aggregated capture devices. The value of utility scale build out is the sheer size of the projects.

It is easier to implement one large project in a controlled area than to implement multiple medium size project to achieve the same level of power generation. Molten salt solar energy storage systems implement utility scale solar electricity systems. The large scale provides replacement for coal systems and supplements nuclear systems that are not feasible in many locations. Solar concentrators are able to run conventional steam generators, leveraging existing technology for renewable energy electricity use. Corrosion is an issue. The pipes that carry the molten salt need to be corrosion resistant, otherwise they need to be replaced every year. Heat is another issue. The high heat of the salt may cause chemical decomposition of the solution, creating the need to replace the solution at relatively short intervals.

There is growing global demand for cost-effective and reliable solar power. Molten salt storage and solar electricity generation by use of steam turbines are poised to achieve significant growth. The economies of scale have not yet kicked in and will do so after 100 projects have been built out. The technology promises to be significant because the projects generate so much electricity.

Solar concentrators are efficient and leverage existing steam generation technology. The technology will succeed far faster and be far more wide spread that the vendor executives are now predicting. With rising prices of oil and the Gulf of Mexico oil well disaster, solar power begins to look good, because it is a sustainable energy source. Aggregation of electricity generated from solar panels placed on commercial roofs is another aspect of utility scale electricity generation. The commercial roof electricity can be sold from electricity substations to the locality for use in data centers, powering electric vehicles, and general electricity usage.

Solar energy market driving forces relate to the opportunity to harness a cheap, long lasting, powerful energy source. Solar energy can be used to create electricity in huge quantity. Solar panels are mounted in a weatherproof frame, are mounted in areas with direct exposure to the sun to generate electricity from sunlight.

Solar power systems are comprised of solar modules, related power electronics, and other components. Solar panels are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Solar compositions of arrays that comprise electric utility grids appear to be the wave of the future.

The demand for solar energy is dependent on a lower prices for solar and higher prices for petroleum. A combination of economies of scale being realized in the manufacturing along with increases in the current prices for petroleum will drive solar energy adoption.

The overall solar market has attained enough critical mass to boost competitive technologies of thin film and monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and multicrystalline silicon based systems.

Concentrated thermal solar molten salt storage units at a level below $100 million in 2009 are anticipated to reach $13.6 billion by 2016. Vendors are well positioned to gain significant market share over the next five years as existing products are tuned as second and third generation products to achieve more economies of scale.

Table Of contents

Molten Salt Solar Executive Summary

Molten Salt Storage of Solar Energy Executive Summary ES-1
Molten Salt Utility Scale Storage of Electricity From Solar Energy ES-1
Nanotechnology Promises To Be A Significant Aspect Of Solar Storage Market Evolution ES-2
Global Demand For Cost-Effective And Reliable Solar Power ES-2
Molten Salt Solar Utility Scale Steam Turbine Market Shares ES-3
Molten Salt Solar Utility Scale Energy Market Forecast ES-5

Molten Salt Solar Market Description And Market Dynamics

1. Molten Salt Thermal Storage and 1-1
1.1 Molten Salt Stores Solar Energy As Heat 1-1
1.1.1 Using Mirrors To Concentrate Sun Energy 1-2
1.1.2 Compressing Air Or Pumping Water Uphill To Store Sun’s Energy 1-3
1.1.3 Round-Trip Efficiency 1-3
1.2 Molten Salt As Solar Heat Battery 1-3
1.2.1 Salt Storage System Potential Issues 1-5
1.3 Utility-Scale Thermal Concentrating Solar 1-6
1.3.1 Climate Change Is Predicted To Raise Global Sea Levels 1-8
1.4 Nuclear Power Plants 1-9
1.4.1 Impact of Changing Water Supplies 1-10
1.5 Power Plans 1-11
1.6 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) 1-12
1.6.1 Components Of A Concentrated Solar Power CSP System 1-13
1.6.2 Parabolic Trough 1-14
1.6.3 Parabolic Dish 1-15
1.6.4 Central Tower 1-17
1.6.5 Solar Furnace 1-19
1.6.6 Solar Radiation Types Of Receiver 1-20
1.7 Uses Of CSP Technology 1-21
1.8 Decentralised Generation 1-22
1.9 Solar Air Conditioning 1-23
1.9.1 Solar Air Conditioning Sorbent 1-23
1.9.2 Refrigerant Circulation Systems Differentiated Processes 1-24
1.10 Go Solar California 1-27
1.10.1 Power The World From Desert 1-27
1.11 Key Elements In A Solar Cell 1-28
1.11.1 Emcore Magnifies Solar Energy 1-30
1.11.2 CPV Utility Positioning 1-31

Molten Salt Solar Market Shares And Market Forecasts

2. Molten Salt Storage of Solar Energy Market Shares and Market Forecasts -21
2.1 Molten Salt Utility Scale Storage of Electricity From Solar Energy 2-1
2.1.1 Nanotechnology Promises To Be A Significant Aspect Of Solar Storage Market Evolution 2-2
2.1.2 Global Demand For Cost-Effective And Reliable Solar Power 2-2
2.2 Molten Salt Solar Utility Scale Steam Turbine Market Shares 2-3
2.2.1 Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio Revenue 2-7
2.3 Molten Salt Solar Utility Scale Energy Market Participants 2-10
2.3.1 United Technologies 2-10
2.3.2 Solar Reserve Partnered With United Technologies 2-11
2.3.3 United Technologies Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne 2-11
2.3.4 Abengoa Solar Commercial Operation of Solnova 3 2-12
2.3.5 Areva / Ausra 2-13
2.3.6 BrightSource Energy Ivanpah project 2-13
2.3.7 GE Energy 2-14
2.3.8 Schott Solar Utility-Scale Thermal Concentrating Solar 2-15
2.4 Molten Salt Solar Utility Scale Energy Market Forecast 2-16
2.5 Solar Steam Generators Market Forecast 2-19
2.5.1 Concentrating Linear Reflectors 2-22
2.5.2 Solar Thermal Molten Salt Storage Electricity Forecasts 2-22
2.6 Molten Salt Solar Storage Regional Analysis 2-29

Molten Salt Solar Product Description

3 Molten Salt Solar Storage and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) 1
3.1 Abengoa SA 1
3.1.1 Abengoa Solar Commercial Operation of Solnova 3 3
3.2 Areva / Ausra 8
3.2.1 Areva New Strategy 9
3.3 BrightSource Energy 10
3.3.1 Brightsource Energy $1.4 Billion In Loan Guarantees From U.S. Department Of Energy 11
3.3.2 BrightSource Energy Ivanpah Project 12
3.3.3 BrightSource Energy Luz Power Tower 550 (LPT 550) Technology 14
3.3.4 Brightsource Energy Reduced Footprint Mitigation For Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System 15
3.3.5 BrightSource Energy Mirrors 16
3.3.6 BrightSource Energy Heliostats 17
3.3.7 BrightSource Energy Heliostat Control System 19
3.3.8 BrightSource EnergyTower and Boiler 21
3.3.9 BrightSource Energy Power Block 23
3.4 United Technologies 24
3.4.1 United Technologies Hamilton Sundstrand Unit 25
3.4.2 United Technologies Hamilton Sundstrand 27
3.5 Solar Millennium Salts To Replace Oil In Parabolic Trough Power Plants 29
3.6 SolarReserve Power Towers 30
3.6.1 Solar Thermal With Molten Salt Energy Storage: SolarReserve Heads to Nevada 31
3.6.2 Solar Reserve Partnered With United Technologies 31
3.7 Siemens Energy Sector / Renewable Energy Division 33
3.7.1 Siemens Solar-Thermal Power Plant 33
3.7.2 Siemens Global Market Leader For Turbines In Solar Thermal Parabolic Trough Power Plants 34
3.7.3 Siemens Solar-Thermal Power Plant: Putting the Desert to Use 35
3.7.4 Siemens 123-MW Steam Turbine-Generator For Solar Thermal Power Plant In California 36

3.7.5 Siemens Solar Efficiency 38
3.7.6 Siemens Next-Generation Solar UVAC Receiver Increases Thermal Output Of Power Plants 39
3.8 Asahi Glass 42
3.8.1 Asahi Glass Flexible Solar Cells 42
3.9 GE 46
3.10 Hitachi 47

Molten Salt Solar Storage Technology

4. Molten Salt Thermal Storage and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technology 4-1
4.1 Molten Salt 4-1
4.1.1 Salt Storage System Potential Issues 4-2
4.2 Molten Salts Store Solar Energy As Heat 4-3
4.2.1 Salt System Efficient At Heat Storage 4-3
4.3 Parabolic Trough Thermal Energy Storage Technology 4-4
4.3.1 Parabolic Trough 4-5
4.3.2 Thermal Energy Storage Systems 4-6
4.3.3 Thermal Energy Storage System 4-7
4.3.4 Single-Tank Thermocline 4-8
4.3.5 Direct Molten-Salt Heat Transfer Fluid 4-9
4.4 Thermal Stability Of Imidazolium Salts 4-9
4.5 Concrete Thermal Energy Storage Media 4-10
4.5.1 Phase-Change Materials 4-11
4.6 Solar Cells Achieve Power Without Maintenance 4-13
4.6.1 Internal Electrostatic Field 4-14
4.6.2 Converting Sunlight to Electricity 4-14
4.7 Thin Film Material Layers 4-16

Molten Salt Solar Company Profiles

5. Molten Salt Solar Generated Electricity Storage Company Profiles 5-1
5.1 Abengoa 5-1
5.1.1 Abengoa and Climate Change 5-2
5.2 Acciona Solar Power 5-10
5.3 Applied Materials 5-12
5.3.1 Applied Materials Segment Analysis 5-13
5.3.2 Applied Materials Silicon Segment 5-13
5.3.3 Applied Three-Dimensional (3D) ICs 5-15
5.3.4 Applied Materials Deposition 5-16
5.3.5 Applied Materials Atomic Layer Deposition 5-16
5.3.6 Applied Materials Chemical Vapor Deposition 5-17
5.3.7 Applied Materials Applied Producer CVD Platform 5-17
5.3.8 Applied Materials Low k Dielectric Films — 5-18
5.3.9 Applied Materials Lithography-Enabling Solutions 5-18
5.3.10 Applied Materials Gap Fill Films — 5-19
5.3.11 Applied Materials Strain Engineering Solutions 5-19
5.3.12 Applied Materials Epitaxial Deposition 5-20
5.3.13 Applied Materials Polysilicon Deposition — 5-20
5.3.14 Applied Materials Tungsten Deposition — 5-20
5.3.15 Applied Materials Physical Vapor Deposition 5-21
5.3.16 Applied Materials Etch 5-22
5.3.17 Applied Materials Rapid Thermal Processing 5-23
5.3.18 Applied Materials Chemical Mechanical Planarization 5-24
5.3.19 Applied Materials Metrology and Wafer Inspection 5-24
5.3.20 Applied Materials Critical Dimension and Defect Review Scanning Electron Microscopes (CD-SEMs and DR-SEMs) 5-24
5.3.21 Applied Materials Wafer Inspection 5-25
5.3.22 Applied Materials Mask Making 5-26
5.3.23 Applied Materials Display Segment 5-27
5.3.24 Applied Global Services Segment 5-27
5.3.25 Applied Materials Fab Services — 5-28
5.3.26 Applied Films Vacuum Coating Technologies 5-28
5.3.27 Applied Materials Energy and Environmental Solutions Segment 5-28
5.4 Areva / Ausra 5-33
5.4.1 AREVA Leads Global Nuclear Power Industry 5-34
5.5 Asahi Glass Co Ltd 5-35
5.5.1 Asahi Glass Fuel Cell 5-37
5.5.2 Asahi Glass Fuel Cells Close To Practical Use 5-38
5.5.3 Asahi Glass Fuel Cells In Daily Life In 2010 5-39
5.5.4 Asahi Glass Chemicals Business as Core Business to the AGC Group 5-39
5.5.5 Asahi Glass ETFE Film With High Transparency And Flexibility 5-42
5.5.6 AGC Asahi GlassRevenue 5-43
5.5.7 Asahi Glass Revenue 5-49
5.6 Battelle 5-54
5.7 BrightSource Energy 5-54
5.7.1 BrightSource Energy $1.4 billion In Loan Guarantees From The U.S. Department of Energy 5-55
5.7.2 BrightSource Energy Ivanpah Project: Clean Energy, Union Jobs, Environmentally-Responsible Design 5-56
5.7.3 BrightSource Energy Luz Power Tower 550 (LPT 550) Technology 5-57
5.7.4 Brightsource Energy $150 Million Of Equity Financing 5-58
5.8 Corning 5-59
5.8.1 Corning Display Technologies Segment 5-59
5.8.2 Corning Revenue 5-61
5.8.3 Corning Display Technologies Segment 5-64
5.8.4 Corning Telecommunications Segment 5-65
5.8.5 Corning Environmental Technologies Segment 5-66
5.8.6 Corning Specialty Materials Segment 5-66
5.8.7 Corning Life Sciences Segment 5-67
5.9 Directed Vapor Technology 5-67
5.9.1 Directed Vapor Deposition Next Generation Coating Technology 5-67
5.10 du Pont 5-69
5.10.1 DuPont 5-69
5.10.2 DuPont™ Kapton® 5-72
5.10.3 DuPont™ Kapton® Polyimide Films 5-72
5.10.4 DuPont Teonex 5-75
5.11 GE Energy 5-76
5.11.1 GE Steam Turbines to Boost Output, Efficiency of Saudi Electricity Company’s Qurayyah Power Plant 5-76
5.11.2 GE Emissions Testing Team Becomes Early Adopter of Future EPA Standards 5-78
5.11.3 GE Smart Grid Technologies Transform Ireland’s Energy 5-78
5.12 Hitachi 5-79
5.12.1 Hitachi America 5-82
5.12.2 Hitachi America, Ltd. Focusing On Smart Grid Energy Storage for Solar Farms 5-83
5.12.3 Hitachi Long Life Lead Acid Batteries 5-84
5.13 SCHOTT Solar 5-85
5.13.1 Schott Electronic Packaging Gmbh 5-89
5.13.2 Schott Ag Flat Glass 5-93
5.14 SEIA: 5-95
5.15 Siemens 5-95
5.15.1 Siemens Business Areas 5-97
5.15.2 Siemens Steam Turbine-Generator to England – Delivery Scheduled In 13 Months 5-100
5.15.3 Siemens Energy Sector 5-102
5.15.4 Siemens Revenue 5-103
5.15.5 Siemens’ Worldwide Network 5-103
5.16 United Technologies / SolarReserve 5-105
5.16.1 United Technologies 5-106
5.16.2 United Technologies / Hamilton Sundstrand 5-109
5.16.3 Hamilton Sundstrand Technologically Advanced Aerospace And Industrial Products 5-111
5.16.4 United Technologies Revenue 5-113

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