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Jul 1, 2010

2010 U.S. Physician Survey: Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation now available at ReportsandReports

ReportsandReports Announce it Will Carry 2010 U.S. Physician Survey: Hyaluronic Acid ViscosupplementationMarket Research Report in its Store.

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This survey report compares usage patters and perceptions of orthopedic specialists regarding the single injection hyaluronic acid viscosupplement (HA) product, Synvisc-One with three and five injection therapies. This report examines both users and non-users of Synvisc-One. The data presented describes practice experience, practice volume and the attitudes of the respondents to the product, as well as how these factors interact.

Table Of Contents

List of Figures
List of Charts
Executive Summary 1
1.1 Overview 1
1.2 Respondent Practice Location 2
1.3 Competing Brands 3
1.4 Synvisc-One Satisfaction 4

Survey Highlights 5

2.1 Respondent Characteristics 5
2.2 Response Summary 6
2.2.1 Synvisc-One Users 6
2.2.2 Synvisc-One Non-Users 6

Research Methodology 7

3.1 Research Methodology 7
Single-Cycle Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation Survey
Results 8
4.1 Question 1: Respondent Experience 8
4.1.1 Average Years Of Practice 8
4.1.2 Practice Setting 13
4.2 Question 2: Patient Volume 17
4.3 Question 3: Brand Preference 21
4.3.1 Brand Preference By Doctor 21
4.3.2 Brand Popularity By Total Patient Volume 21
4.4 Question 4: Synvisc-One Patient Profiles 25
4.5 Question 5: Synvisc-One Versus Other Brands 29
4.6 Question 6: Reasons For Using Synvisc-One 32
4.6.1 Summarized Reasons For Choosing Synvisc-One 32
4.6.2 Open-Ended Responses For Choosing Synvisc-One 33
4.7 Question 7: Doctor Satisfaction 36
4.7.1 Current Users 36
4.7.2 Non/Prior Users 37
4.8 Question 8: Patient Satisfaction 41
4.9 Question 9: Expected Change In Usage 42
4.9.1 Expected Change In Usage 42
4.9.2 Expected Change In Usage Versus Satisfaction Rating 46
4.10 Question 10: Reasons For Expected Decrease In Usage 48
Survey Questions 50

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