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Sep 6, 2010

Green Consumers in China Now Available at ReportsandReports

ReportsandReports announces it will carry Green Consumers in China Market Research Report in its store.

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Establishing real levels of consumer concern regarding environmental issues is needed to provide a base for advancing product development and marketing plans for environmentally friendly products and services. This Green Consumer Series provides that sound base to identify opportunities and drive clients’ business decisions. This report looks at how environmentally conscious Chinese consumers are, and how these attitudes translate into purchasing decisions and lifestyle behaviors.
  • An examination of how environmentally conscious Chinese consumers are, and how this translates into green behaviours
  • An examination of how environmentally conscious Chinese consumers are, and how this translates into green behaviours
  • A snapshot of China’s energy, retail and automotive sectors, and analysis on the presence of green consumerism in these markets
  • Insight into which demographic groups are most responsive to environmental concerns in each sector
Chinese consumers are highly aware of environmental problems and how their everyday activities are contributing to them, with a high proportion already taking action to improve the sustainability of their lifestyles
The vast majority of Chinese consumers undertaking green behaviors are doing so primarily in order to benefit the environment, as opposed to receiving the monetary savings often associated with such behavioral change
Females and urban dwellers display the most sustainable behavior, and are therefore likely to be more receptive to green marketing campaigns
Reasons to Purchase
  • Understand the factors that are driving the growth of green consumerism in China
  • Project which sectors present the best opportunities for green products and services
  • Develop targeted marketing strategies based on those demographic groups that are most receptive to environmental concerns
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