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Oct 18, 2010

2010 Deep Research Report on China EDA Software Industry now available at ReportsandReports

Original Source: EDA Software Industry

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Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce it will carry 2010 Deep Research Report on China EDA Software Industry Market Research Report in its Store.

2010 Deep Research Report on China EDA Software Industry is professional and depth research report on EDA (Electronic Design Automation) software in China.

Starting with the EDA software industry chain, summarized and analyzed EDA software industry chain, and analysis key enterprises of the industry chain, and then highlights the characteristics and the structures of China’s EDA software market, analysis and count EDA software industry in China of various categories (CAE PCB IC), individual enterprises (the mainstream of the global business and China mainstream business), all regions (Americas, Europe, Asia, China, etc.).And analysis EDA software market demand and supply of 2008-2014; then detailed analyze and comprehensive introduce CAE PCB IC design EDA software and other areas of China’s software hot spots in China., following analyze the opportunity and risk to EDA software project, at the same time describe the relationship between EDA market structure and EDA competition, finally analyzed and summarized the development of China’s EDA software industry trend.

In general, 2010 Deep Research Report on China EDA Software Industry is a depth report of China’s EDA software, research center uses detailed evidence and impartial manner to analyze past, present and future of China EDA software market. It provides support and reference information for customers to plan, invest decision. And thanks to technology experts’ help and support during QYResearch team survey and interviews.

Table of Contents
Chapter One EDA Software Overview 1
1.1 Definition of EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Software 1
1.2 Classification of EDA Software 1
1.2.1 Electronic Circuit Design and Simulation Tool 2
1.2.2 PCB Software 3
1.2.3 IC Design Software 4
1.2.4 PLD Design Tools 6
1.2.5 Other EDA Software 7
1.3 EDA Software Industry Chain 7
1.4 The Status of EDA Software Market 7
Chapter Two EDA Software Industry Environment and Policy 11
2.1 2010 International Political Economy and EDA Market Analysis 11
2.1.1 International Political and Economy in 2010 11
2.1.2 The World EDA Market Environment 12
2.2 The Macroeconomic Environment of EDA Software in China 14
2.2.1 Summary of China’s Macroeconomic Environment 14
2.2.2 China’s Electronic Industry Policy 16
Chapter Three Technology Principles of EDA Software Tools 23
3.1 EDA Technical Features 23
3.2 EDA Design Method 28
3.3 EDA Technology Development 32
3.3.1 EDA Faces the Challenge of Deep Sub-micron Process Technology 32
3.3.2 EDA Technology Development 33
Chapter Four EDA Tools Supply, Demand Market Status and Forecast 35
4.1 Global and China EDA Software Production Value and Market Share 35
4.2 EDA Software Regional Analysis 40
4.3 EDA Software Demand 41
4.4 EDA Software Supply Demand and Development Trend 43
Chapter Five Global Major EDA Software Companies 45
5.1 Cadence(USA) 45
5.2 Mentor Graphics(USA) 48
5.3 ALTIUM(Australia) 52
5.4 ZUKEN(Japan) 55
5.5 Synopsys(USA) 59
5.6 Magma Design Automation(USA) 63
5.7 Agilent EEsof(USA) 66
5.8 SpringSoft(China Taiwan) 69
5.9 ANSYS(USA) 71
5.10 Apache Design Solutions(USA) 73
5.11 Applied Wave Research(USA) 75
5.12 Vennsa Technologies(Canada) 78
5.13 CIDC(China) 79
Chapter Six Competitive Analysis of EDA Market in China 83
6.1 Global EDA Software Market Competition Analysis 83
6.2 China EDA Software Market Competition Analysis 85
Chapter Seven EDA Software Research Conclusions 89

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