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Oct 18, 2010

McEvoy and Farmer's Complete Guide to IVD Distribution in Brazil now available at ReportsandReports

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Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce it will carry McEvoy and Farmer’s Complete Guide to IVD Distribution in Brazil Market Research Report in its Store.

Latin America is one of the areas that IVD companies are looking to for additional opportunities for IVD products. Among Latin American countries, Brazil’s population and healthcare spending put it high on the list of emerging IVD markets. Companies seeking to operate in this nation can benefit from a roadmap of who distributes what IVD products to whom.

McEvoy and Farmer’s Complete Guide to IVD Distribution in Brazil, produced jointly with emerging IVD market experts McEvoy & Farmer, is the product of on-the-ground primary research on Brazilian labs conducted in 2009. It is an essential resource for anyone marketing an IVD product in Brazil today.

What you will find in this report:
  1. Market Size Estimate by Major Category (Chemistry, Hematology/Flow/Coagulation, Immunochemistry, Molecular Testing, Other)
  2. Country Industry Overview
  3. Country Healthcare Statistics
  4. Insurance, Reimbursement Trends
  5. Tariffs and Taxes
  6. Profiles of International Diagnostic Companies with operations in Brazil
  7. Profiles of Domestic Diagnostic Companies
  8. Profiles of Local Distributors
The Brazilian market represents a significant opportunity for IVD companies. But actionable information about this emerging market is often difficult to obtain. Only with an exhaustive, on-the-ground research team can a company truly understand the Brazilian market. Now, a resource is available that can make on-the-ground research available to all companies at a fraction of the cost.
Published jointly with trusted emerging IVD market experts McEvoy & Farmer, this Kalorama report is a complete picture of the IVD in Brazil today. Market size for major categories of the IVD market, products on the market, important Brazil market trends and intense company profiles are part of this exhaustive study.

This country of 191 million people is a growing market, and Brazil’s economy, while showing some effects of the world recession, has been less impacted than other nations. Investment in the healthcare system is making Brazil an increasingly attractive market opportunity for in vitro diagnostics companies. Although there are a number of challenges for diagnostic manufacturers to understand and overcome, the market for clinical diagnostics in Brazil (both reagents and instruments) is one of the most promising emerging markets in the world.

Table of Contents
Market Totals
What is new in Brazil?
The Econony
The Health Sector
Reconditioned Instruments
Product Registration
Tariffs and Taxes
Local Diagnostic Product Manufacturing
Tenders and Negotiation
Market Segmentation
Reagent Rental
Abbott Laboratories
BD (Becton-Dickinson)
Beckman Coulter
And others
Bioeasy Diagnóstica
And others
Alka Technologia en Diagnosticos/Spectrum

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