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Feb 8, 2012

Analysis of Vehicle Platform Strategies of Key Global OEMs

This study presents the analysis of vehicle platform strategies of key global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the light vehicle category. It introduces definitions of a vehicle platform and architecture. It presents an overview of existing and proposed vehicle platform introductions by key 12 OEM groups. The study also discusses market forces and its influence on platform strategy for these key OEM groups. A comparative analysis is drawn. A correlation with compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is also established. Current and future dynamics of key global OEMs is discussed in detail along with clear illustration of activities undertaken by various OEMs globally. The study also discusses benefits of adoption of platform strategy.

Analysis of Key Global OEMs in Vehicle Platform Market

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Takeaways and Summary
Executive Summary of the Study

2. Vehicle Platform and Parts Standardization
Overview of Platform Standardization
Construction and Benefits and Limitations of Platform Standardization

3. Market Environment
Drivers and Restraints
Introduction of Market Drivers and Restraints and Industry Challenges

4. Industry Forecasts
Platform Standardization Industry Forecasts
Key Industry Forecasts of Platform Standardization

5. Key Global OEMs Platform Strategy
Global OEM Groups Platform Strategy
Analysis of Key Global OEMs Platform Strategy

6. OEM Profiling
Key OEMs Platform Standardization
Five OEMs Detailed Platform Discussion

7. Understanding the Effectiveness of Key Global OEMs Platform Strategy
Measure of Key Global OEMs Platform Strategy
Indices of Measurement and Measurement of Peformance

8. Regional Approaches of Key Global OEMs - A Review
Four Key Regional Approaches
Regional Approaches

9. Conclusions and Recommendations
Conclusions from the Study
Strategic Conclusions and Recommendations

10. Appendix
List of Industry Participants and Abbreviations
Key Participants and Abbreviations used in this Study

11. Legal Disclaimer
Disclaimer of this Study

12. Market Engineering Methodology
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