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Feb 8, 2012

The Future of Functional Food and Beverages: Cognitive Health

The market for functional alertness/energizing products has shown signs of plateauing, particularly in more mature Western. Moreover, demand is being impacted by the failure of brands to tap into the potential of older demographics health concerns regarding caffeine and related ingredients and some products failing to meet consumer taste demands

Standing out in the alertness/energy market is difficult due to the number of products which offer identical benefits and delivery. However, the industry is beginning to offer more diverse delivery. Moreover, while caffeine remains the dominant ingredient, other ingredients such as potassium and B vitamins are increasingly gaining traction

There are a number of inhibitors to wider consumption of functional relaxation products. These include prevailing consumer skepticism in relation to efficacy, unclear focus among products which is leading to a lack of understanding of potential product benefits, and a lack of breakthrough brands in the same mold as Red Bell and Relentless

Future of Functional Food and Beverages Market

Published: January 2012
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Functional food and beverages have moved beyond an emergent concept to become an established market, with the market benefitting from a widening appeal. This report identifies key target segments, growth drivers and strategies for success.

Features and benefits
  • Identify the size of the cognitive alertness/energizing and relaxation markets across 20 countries and growth prospects up until 2015
  • Evaluate the potential impact on consumer demand of marketing and product development through utilizing consumer, product and market insight
  • Identify and capitalize on the main consumer trends that are driving rising demand for functional products
  • Gain an understanding of the main obstacles that brands are encountering and how these can be overcome