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Feb 10, 2012

Offshore Oil & Gas Developments in Asia Pacific - Burgeoning Energy Demand Drives Exploration and Production Activities

Rising Need to Reduce Dependency on Import Drives Asia-Pacific Countries to Boost Oil and Gas Production through Offshore Activities

The need to reduce dependency on imported oil and gas is leading countries in Asia-Pacific to increase their domestic production of energy resources by increasing offshore exploration and production (E&P) activities. Countries in the region are witnessing increasing import dependency for oil and gas amidst their rising energy consumption, which is being driven by rapid economic development.

Over the last decade, the Asia-Pacific region has witnessed the fastest economic growth among all the regions of the world, primarily driven by the emerging economies in the region, such as China, India, Indonesia and Thailand. This rapid economic growth has resulted in a sharp increase in the consumption of energy resources in the key economies of Asia-Pacific, led by China, India, Indonesia and Thailand. An increase in oil and gas consumption coupled with limited domestic supply has led to the increasing import dependency of these countries for their oil and gas requirements.

Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Offshore Development Market

Published: February 2012
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In such a scenario, emerging economies have been taking a multipronged approach to ensuring their energy security. Key steps in this pursuit include increasing the domestic production of oil and gas through development of unconventional resources, developing conventional resources in the offshore areas, and ensuring a supply of oil and gas from international markets through investing in unconventional and conventional oil and gas projects in international markets.


The report explains the rationale behind the rise in offshore activities in the Asia-Pacific region, providing information and analysis on:
  • Oil and gas exploration and production activities in terms of reserves, production and discoveries in Asia-Pacific
  • The economics of offshore exploration in the Asia Pacific
  • The rise in demand for oil and gas in the Asia-Pacific
  • Major E&P activity centers in this region
  • Major growth drivers and challenges to the development of offshore E&P in the Asia-Pacific.
  • Major companies involved in offshore E&P activities in the Asia Pacific
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  • Identify potential investment targets based on the exhaustive information on reserves, production, government policies and ongoing projects, supported by in-depth analysis on each of the offshore E&P projects in Asia Pacific.
  • Devise business strategies based on the understanding of key drivers and inhibitors for offshore E&P activities in Asia Pacific.
  • Identify partnering opportunities with companies operating in these expanding markets.