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Feb 19, 2012

Consumer Health in Israel

Slower growth for consumer health in 2011

During 2011, the consumer health market showed slower growth than was seen over the review period. The slower growth was due to rising regulatory involvement within the consumer health category, which led many players to invest in products outside of the category, such as medical devices, cosmetics and vitamins and dietary supplements (VDS). As a result, the VDS category attracted new players which in turn increased competition, drove prices down and thus also slowed growth of the overall category.

The government becomes more proactive in public health issues

In 2011, the Israeli government took a more proactive stance against addiction related issues. Within consumer health care this concern manifested in regulations on products that, when abused, can damage the health. For example, oral decongestants became regulated in an effort to alert the public to the damages of long-term use of these products. Laxatives were switched to Rx status in response to young Israeli women abusing these products for the purpose of losing weight. Another regulatory action by the government was an attempt to regulate the prices of all consumer health products.

New key product categories increase competition and push prices down

As VDS products are relatively easier than consumer health to produce and to import, and their prices are not regulated, the VDS category in Israel is more attractive to companies in which to launch new products. In 2011 there was increased competition within categories such as omega 3-6-9 and glucosamine. New players, previously specialising in consumer health, entered those categories in search of larger profit margins. The growing competition in VDS caused a decrease in average unit price and a slowing of growth of the whole category.

Israel Consumer Health Market

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