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Feb 22, 2012

Russia: Crop-Protection Agent Market. Analysis and Forecast to 2017

The report provides current information about the state of the Russian crop protection products market as of January 2012

The objectives of this market research report are to describe the current situation of the Russian crop protection products market and to provide relevant information on production, exports, imports, consumption and market conditions, changes that occurred in 2010 and 2011 years And build a forecast of the industry in the medium term period to 2017.

The Russian agricultural sector still lags far behind developed countries and industries as far the technical equipment and level of resources used to increase the productivity and efficiency of its agriculture. However, in recent years there have been signs of growth in the share and the total amount of cultivated fields and crop protection products on the market. During the period 2010-2011, the market of plant protection products grew by 20%, increasing in both domestic production and imports. Given the almost total dependence on imported raw materials and therefore a higher cost of domestic production, combined with a growing share of Chinese products on the Russian market, the pressing question whether domestic producers can hold their positions is in real doubt. The second fundamental question is what the demand for plant protection products in Russia will be given its recent WTO accession.

Crop-Protection Market Analysis and Forecast

Published: February 2012
No. of Pages: 233
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The report on the Russian crop protection products market includes:
  • Analysis and forecasts of market dynamics
  • The structure of consumption by region
  • An analysis of domestic production, market shares of the main participants
  • Analysis of export and import
  • Analysis of factors affecting the development of the market
  • Analysis of raw materials
  • Analysis of end-uses
  • Assessment and forecast of market development
  • Financial and economic profiles of the leading enterprises of the sector
The report will allow you to:
  • Identify key indicators of the market; build your own business forecasts on the basis of market
  • Evaluate the growth potential and threats in the market
Key figures presented in the report:
  • The volume of production, exports and imports
  • Indicators of market
  • Consumption
The report on the Russian crop protection products market contains the consensus market forecast based on the averaged value of the forecasts of market participants. Market experts are: manufacturers, importers, wholesale distribution link, the largest consumers, professional associations and unions, and trade publications. Experts participating in the survey are provided special conditions on the acquisition of reports.