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Feb 22, 2012

Global LNG Market Short And Long Term Outlook – Trends, Drivers And Forecasts Of Supply, Demand, Capacity, Trade And Contracts To 2020

LNGReports new report on Global LNG Market Short and Long Term Outlook expects the current supply glut to end in 2014. Further, the report expects global demand- supply balance to stand at 75 million tonnes in 2020. The report also states that the recent Japanese nuclear outage and nuclear phase out by European markets will drive the LNG demand in the short term.

The current surplus supply capacity will end in 2014 according to LNGReports. Driven by Japan, the UK, China, France and South Korea, the global LNG demand increased to 248.5 million tonnes in 2011.

On the other hand, low demand estimates coupled with lack of investment and skilled labor are delaying supply projects globally. In particular, most of the African and Australasian projects have been delayed by one to two years. Overall, LNGReports expects the demand to exceed supply by 75 million tonnes in 2014.

Further, the company expects the global natural gas demand to increase to 4.2 Tcm in 2020, which will drive the scope of LNG industry. Accordingly, 17 new markets will enter the global LNG trade by 2020.

LNG Market Short And Long Term Outlook Market

Published:  December 2011
No. of Pages: 305
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  • LNG demand and production outlook for 20 countries, 5 regions to 2020
  • Key investment drivers, trends and impact of nuclear outage, possible European recession, supply shortages and others
  • Current status, updates and feasibility of planned LNG projects worldwide
  • Compares investment environment in leading 20 LNG markets
  • Country and region wise liquefaction and regasification capacity by terminal from 2000- 2020
  • Detailed analysis and insights into all existing and upcoming LNG markets
  • Location, operator, ownership, start up, technology, capital expenditure details of all operational and planned LNG terminals
  • Market structure and competitive landscape of both liquefaction and regasification markets in each region
  • LNG operations by country, terminals along with SWOT, value chain analysis and financial information
  • Global LNG news updates from October to December 2011
  • Gain clear understanding of each LNG industry in the current uncertain market conditions
  • Formulate investment, expansion and operational strategies based on short and medium- long term outlook
  • Identify potential opportunities for gas procurement, capacity reservations and asset investments
  • Revaluate your investment, sourcing and supplying strategies through details of present status and feasibility of all planned LNG terminals
  • Identify high growth LNG markets and the impact of Japan nuclear outage on global markets
  • Make merger and acquisition decisions using market share information and latest news section
  • Keep abreast with all industry updates through latest news in the report from October to December 2011