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Feb 15, 2012

Handhelds in Healthcare: Markets for Smartphones, Tablet PCs, PDAs, Monitors & Scanners

A desire to deliver better care and make healthcare workers more productive, as well as the incentives and mandates for EMR usage, has made handhelds ubiquitous in healthcare worldwide. Increasingly healthcare providers are using devices that can provide information and allow them to research, communicate and order services on a mobile basis.

This Kalorama Information report - Handhelds in Healthcare- represents Kalorama's second edition of its review of the market for these type of devices. The report focuses on two primary segments:

Patient Monitoring Devices, including:
  • Blood pressure devices
  • Pulse oximeters
  • ECG/EKG monitors
  • Ultrasound
  • Diabetes insulin monitors
  • Prothrombin time monitors
  • TENS
  • Fetal heart monitors

Handhelds in Healthcare Market

Published: February 2012
No. of Pages: 108
Price : Single User License - US$3500

Handheld patient monitoring devices include a wide range of products which provide the benefits of diagnosing, consulting, monitoring and treating patients. Handheld administrative devices include products to streamline healthcare workflow and improve efficiency-patient care. Namely these products include PDAs, tablet PCs and inventory/medication scanners.

As part of its detailed coverage of the market for handhelds in healthcare, the report includes the following important market information:
  • Global Market size and Forecast of Handheld Device Segments
  • Geographic breakdown (US, Europe, Japan, Rest of Asia, Rest of World) of Market Size for Patient Monitoring and Administrative Devices
  • The Apple iPad and it's Role in the Market
  • The Role of EMR and Electronic Prescription
  • Ten Case Studies of Health Systems Using Handhelds
  • Possible Growth Inhibitors
  • Cloud Technology Role
  • Description of Handhelds on the Market Designed for Healthcare Applications
  • Key Challenges to Healthcare Sales
  • Detailed Profiles of Major Companies
  • Physician and Hospital Statistics: Usage and Purchasing
  • Discussion of Implementation of Handhelds and Cost and Effectiveness of Their Use
  • Kalorama Small-Sample US Hospital Survey of Goals for Handheld Usage