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Feb 12, 2012

Packaged Food in Venezuela

Packaged food sales show recovery signals in 2011

Most packaged food categories registered positive volume increases that favoured a recovery of the industry in 2011. After two years of decreasing disposable income, a slight economic improvement enjoyed in 2011 allowed some categories to register higher volumes. Price increases over the inflation rate for most of the brands also supported positive constant value growth.

Business environment becomes even more challenging

Numerous expropriations, strong import restrictions and continuation of price controls made the business climate extremely adverse for private firms. Discretionary decisions from government officials, mainly President Chávez, increased the risk of conducting business in Venezuela and therefore introduced obstacles for investment, innovation and development. As a result, the number of launches and new entrants was scarce.

Competition is strong with the domestic holding Empresas Polar at top position

Venezuela Packaged Food Market

Published: February 2012
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