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May 14, 2012

Global Markets for Plastics Additives

Many products are made from plastics (e.g., protective packaging, components in cars and aircraft, insulating materials, toys, mobile phones, buildings, medical devices, profiles and pipes).  Plastics improve safety, save energy and can help protect the environment.  Plastics are an essential part of modern-day life, and some activities depend completely on plastics and plastic products.  Plastics and plastic products are made by mixing essential polymers with additives.  Additives make plastics safer, cleaner, tougher and more colorful, and in some cases, plastics will not function without them.  Additives increase the cost of producing plastics; however, they help conserve precious, raw material reserves.  Without the additives that turn basic polymers into useful plastics and plastic products, their use would be a lot more expensive.

The market success of polymers, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polypropylene (PP) depends not only on the basic polymer but also on the additives that make the plastics as useful as they are.  Their usefulness is largely attributed to the polymers used to make them and not to the additives used.  Yet, when concerns arise regarding human health and the environment, plastics additives are often found to be responsible, and the industry is required to replace the additive or prove that it is indeed harmless.


The goal of this market research study is to identify and measure the market opportunities for the full range of plastics additives.  The global additives market is broken down and measured by various parameters, and future growth is forecast for both the overall market and every possible market segment.  Regional markets are also measured and examined in detail.

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Published: May 2012
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The report has been prepared and presented in a simple, easy to understand format with a number of tables and charts/figures.  A study of applications and global and regional markets for all types of the plastics additives and the plastics additives industry has been made in detail.  The consolidation and globalization of the plastics processing industry has been studied in this report, so that additive manufacturers and suppliers can establish themselves in all the major regions.

The supply and pricing of raw materials and the basic feedstock of various plastics additives have been fluctuating greatly with the run-up in prices of raw materials and energy.  This aspect of the plastics processing industry has also been studied and analyzed in detail in this report.

The environmental/regulatory aspects of different types of plastics additives continue to present concerns as well as opportunities to additive suppliers.  The effects of these factors on the supply chain, value and demand for additives have also been studied in detail in this report.


This report will be of help to those in the plastics additives industry responsible for the  manufacture, distribution and supply of plastics additives:
  • Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of additives.
  • Manufacturers of resins and specialty chemicals.
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of masterbatches.
  • Existing and new marketing personnel in the plastics additives business.
  • Advisors to the plastics processing and plastics additives industries.

Both primary and secondary research methods were used in this study.  Primary information sources for this market research include individuals within companies, various research organizations, governmental agencies and trade associations.  Additional secondary research sources include databases, trade literature, specialized journals and government statistics.

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