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Jun 25, 2012

Idea Labs Industry Scorecard Oil and Gas

This strategic C-level research aims at providing an overview of key trends and tectonic shifts that are expected to take place in the oil and gas market. We have considered only the upstream or exploration and production for this research and this research focuses on what are the major game changers of the future and how the geopolitical alignment is driven by the need to have better energy security and balance. The research also outlines key aspects of technology innovations and sustainability that are vital in exploring the lesser known unconventional resources of the world.

Idea Labs Industry Scorecard Oil and Gas: Scope Overview
This scorecard will analyze only the production, exploration, and pipeline management activities of the Oil and Gas industry.
Refining and downstream activities are not included.
Actionable insights are provided for each issue-based analysis.
Automation opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry will be the subsequent study in this series.

Report Details:
Published: June 2012
No. of Pages: 212
Price: 10000

Table Of contents

Executive Summary


Oil Production
Global Offshore Growth Prospects: East Dominates on Reserves, but Depends on West for Technology and Innovation
Brazil's Deepwater Pre-Salt Finds and Global Partnerships likely to Position it in the Top 5 Oil Producing Countries of the World by 2030
Malaysia to Become Asia-Pacific’s Deepwater (DW) and Oilfield Service and Equipment (OFSE) Hub: At Stake, is an Investment of at Least $200.00 Billion by 2020
Canada’s Dirty Oil to Increase Adoption Rate of Clean Technology and thus Attract Investment of $218.00 billion
National Oil Company’s (NOC) Rise in Global Importance Requires at Least $5.0 Trillion Investment to Control Reserves by 2030

Gas Production
Technology Robustness and Substantial Shale Reserves May Supplant the U.S. Gas Imports by 2030
Global Shale Gas Challenge Alters Geopolitics through Technological Exchange Strategies
Existing LNG infrastructure in Qatar to Accommodate Short Term Increase in Exports while Opening Up Opportunities in Operation and Maintenance Services
South Korea’s Energy Security Efforts Opens up Infrastructural Opportunities, while Domestic Experience Drives Local EPC Firms International Dominance
Europe’s Increasing Natural Gas Consumption to Hike Supplies from Middle East and Africa, While Promoting Domestic Increase in Renewable Energy

Future Perspectives

A CEO 360 Perspective

Terms and Definition
Appendix for Offshore
Appendix for Brazil Pre-salt
Appendix for Canada’s Dirty Oil
Appendix for Shale in the United States
Appendix for Shale outside the United States
Appendix for Qatar
Appendix for Europe’s Gas Imports