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Jul 5, 2012

LG Life Sciences: Biosimilars Company Analysis

This analysis evaluates the company’s strategy and key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and provides an overview of the company’s biosimilars portfolio, including analysis of key product profiles, examining key drivers and resistors to development, market sizing, specifics of development such as clinical trials (where available) for each key biosimilar molecule in development.
Features and benefits
  • Strategic insight into the key strategies that have shaped the company's progress and will define its outlook going forward.
  • Provides an indication of how biosimilars fit into the wider company context, and a history of deals & alliances.
LGLS has typically employed a strategy of direct marketing in Korea and core emerging markets, with partners taken on for wider RoW and major market access.
Your key questions answered
  • Assess LG's portfolio of currently marketed biosimilars portoflio
  • Evaluate the potential of near-term launches to lift domestic and overseas sales
  • See how LG's portfolio could evolve in the long run with a second wave of biosimilars in development, including oncology and autoimmune MAbs

Report Details:
Published: June 2012
No. of Pages: 39
Price: Single User License – US$3800              Corporate User License – US$9500

List of Tables
Table: LG Life Sciences – manufacturing and development metrics
Table: LG Life Sciences – biosimilar product portfolio
Table: Sales of key epoetin brands in the seven major markets ($m), 2011–16
Table: Pipeline and marketed biosimilar/copy-biologic epoetin drugs, 2012
Table: Sales of key somatropin brands in the seven major markets ($m), 2011–16
Table: Biosimilar somatropin drugs, 2012
Table: Forecast follitropin alfa and follitropin beta sales in the seven major markets ($m), 2011–16
Table: Biosimilar/copy-biologic follitropin drugs, 2012
Table: LG Life Sciences – key financial metrics, 2009–11
Table: LG Life Sciences – deal activity and biosimilar deals, 2010–12
Table: Exchange rates, 2012

List of Figures
Figure: The PharmaVitae Explorer
Figure: LG Life Sciences biosimilars overview
Figure: LG Life Sciences SWOT analysis
Figure: LG Life Sciences revenues by segment ($m), 2004–11
Figure: LG Life Sciences’ aim to expand out of Korea into other emerging and major markets
Figure: Domestic and overseas strengthening of LGLS’s business
Figure: LG Life Sciences within the LG corporate structure
Figure: South Korean won: dollar exchange rate movement, 2002–12