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Jul 10, 2012

Research Report on Google : Communications, Content, Commerce and Applications 2012 - 2017

First revolutionizing search, Google is evolving to become a force in Communications, Content, Commerce and Applications.
This research evaluates Google's current offerings and their anticipated evolution over the next five years.
The report analyzes key areas such as how Google is positioning itself to be a dominant player in mobile commerce.
The research also includes competitive analysis of Cloud Payments vs. NFC, Google Now vs. Apple Siri, SWOT analysis of Amazon Cloud offerings, and more.
Target Audience:
  • Google and their competitors
  • Media companies and portals
  • Incumbent network operators
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Application development companies
  • Mobile marketing/commerce companies
  • Telecommunications infrastructure providers
  • Wireless device and personal electronics companies
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Table of Contents for this report cover:

1 Executive Summary

2 Introduction

3 Google In Communications
3.1 Google Mobile Apps
3.1.1 Gfs Ii
3.1.2 Bigtable
3.1.3 Mapreduce
3.1.4 Memcache
3.1.5 Appengine
3.2 Google Business Model And Cloud Strategy
3.2.1 Market Strategy
3.3 Google Apps Marketplace And Mobile Applications
3.3.1 Mobile Commerce In Google Clouds
3.3.2 Economic Of The Cloud And Its Benefits For Google
3.3.3 Swot Analysis For Google Cloud Services
3.3.4 Google Mobile Clouds Potentials In The Mobile Commerce Industry
3.4 Google Android
3.5 Android Applications Analysis
3.5.1 Swot Analysis For The Android Os
3.6 Market Overview
3.6.1 Market Forecast
3.6.2 Market Share
3.6.3 Market Analysis
3.6.4 Market Predictions
3.6.5 Business Opportunities
3.6.6 Trends In Mobile Software Development
3.6.7 Mobile Cloud Software Developments
3.6.8 Application Billing
3.6.9 Handset Business Trends
3.7 Android Os Future
3.7.1 Android Hardware Developments
3.7.2 Conclusion
3.8 Google Maps
3.8.1 Google Latitude
3.9 Google In Social Commerce
3.9.1 Mobile Commerce And Social Selling Through Google Applications
3.9.2 Google+ And Location Services
3.9.3 Facebook Social Selling Vs Google+ Social Selling
3.9.4 Swot Analysis Google+ Vs Facebook In Mobile Commerce And Social Selling
3.10 The Future Of Google Strategy In Social Selling And Social Advertising
3.10.1 Google+ To Take Over Facebook
3.11 Google Drive
3.12 Google As Mvno
3.13 Google As A Vno: Cloud And Applications
3.13.1 Google In The Cloud: Potential Network Advantages
3.13.2 Google In The Cloud: Incumbent Network Operator Implications
3.13.3 Google Applications As A Platform To Incumbent Operators' Networks
3.14 Ott Voip Providers And Google
3.14.1 Voip Providers
3.14.2 Incumbent Operators Threats
3.14.3 Voice Over Lte (Volte) Industry
3.14.4 Alternatives To Volte
3.14.5 Presence
3.15 Incumbent Operators And Lte
3.15.1 Benefits Lte "Diable" Voip Via Incumbent Operators
3.15.2 Conclusion
3.16 Google Voice Search And Sight Search
3.16.1 Google Now Vs. Apple Siri
3.16.2 Google Now And Google Glasses

4 Google In Commerce
4.1 Nfc Payment Vs Cloud-Based Payments
4.1.1 Isis Wallet
4.1.2 Google Wallet And Its Swot Analysis
4.1.3 Google Wallet Challenges And How To Overcome It
4.1.4 Paypal And Google Wallet
4.1.5 Visa Wallet And Its Swot Analysis
4.1.6 Serve By American Express E-Wallet And Its Swot Analysis
4.1.7 Google Wallet Verses Isis Wallet
4.1.8 Comparison Between Current Wallet Systems
4.1.9 Advantages Of The M-Payments Systems
4.2 Mobile Payments Market 2012-2017
4.3 Mobile Payments In The Cloud
4.3.1 Mobile Devices In The Cloud
4.3.2 Cloud-Based Mobile Payment
4.3.3 Paypal Cloud Based Mobile Payment
4.3.4 Mind Commerce Expectations For The Future Of The Mobile Payment (Nfc Or Cloud-Based Payments?)
4.3.5 Conclusion

5 Google Applications
5.1 Mobile Advertising
5.1.1 New Mobile Advertising Vendors Challenge Google
5.2 Google Applications Products
5.3 Location Commerce And Google Applications

6 Google Strategic Direction
6.1.1 Recent Events Affects Google Strategies
6.2 Applications For Marketers
6.3 Google Compute Engine
6.3.1 Google Compute Engine Vs Amazon Cloud Service

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