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Jun 24, 2010

China Equity Investment Report, 2009-2010 Now Available at ReportsandReports

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Equity investment includes private equity (PE) investment and venture capital (VC) investment. In 2009, there were 542 equity investments occurred in China, including 114 PE investments and 428 VC investments; the equity investment valued US$22.4 billion, average PE investment was US$164 million, and average VC investment was US$8.8 million. The remarkable 19:1 gap between average PE and VC investments mainly resulted from the fact that PE investments are often made in the enterprises that are making profits and need larger amounts of money for mergers and reorganization, while VC investments mostly are financial investments made in the enterprises that are developing or expanding their business and require smaller amounts of money.In 2009, in terms of the number of equity investments made in China, the manufacturing industry got the largest share (19%), followed by the IT, Internet, energy, and healthcare industries; in terms of the amount of equity investments, the financial industry got US$18.36 billion, followed by the chain operation, energy, manufacturing, food and beverage industries.

From 2009 to 2010, among the equity investment companies in China, PE investment companies are mainly foreign-funded companies, while VC investment companies are generally Chinese-funded companies. The reason for foreign-funded companies holding a leading position in the PE sector is: PE investments often involve larger amounts of money, and compared with domestic companies, foreign companies have more solid financial strength. Famous PE investment companies include The Carlyle Group, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., and CDH Investments. The reason for Chinese-funded companies holding a leading position in the VC sector is: domestic equity funds were encouraged by the launch of GEM, while foreign companies were relatively cautious in venture capital activities due to the financial crisis. Active VC investment companies in 2009 included Shenzhen Capital Group, Legend Capital and Shenzhen Fortune Venture Capital Company Limited.

Shenzhen Fortune Venture Capital (Fortune VC) was established on April 19, 2000. Now, it manages seven funds, and is entrusted to manage the fund of nearly RMB3 billion. By June 3, 2010, Fortune VC had invested in over 70 SMEs , 11 of which went public successfully, including COSHIP Electronics, Talkweb Information System, Joint-Wit Medical & Pharmaceutical, Fujian Sunner Development, EVE Energy, Aier Eye Hospital Group, ChinaNetCenter, BlueFocus Communication , Sumavision Technologies, H&T Intelligent Control, and Kingold Jewelry (NASDAQ-listed). The eleven enterprises plus the Xi'an Dagang Road Machinery that was approved the listing by China Securities Regulatory Commission on May 28, 2010, are expected to deliver at least a 15× ROI on average.

Table of Contents

1. Equity Investment Overview

1.1 Definition

1.2 Classification

1.2.1 Private Equity

1.2.2 Venture Capital

1.2.3 Difference between Private Equity and Venture Capital

1.3 Equity Investment in China

1.3.1 Private Equity

1.3.2 Venture Capital

2. Equity Investment Policies in China

2.1 National Policies

2.2 Regional Policies

3. Equity Investment in China, 2009

3.1 Scale

3.1.1 Private Equity

3.1.2 Venture Capital

3.2 Industries

3.2.1 Comparison of PE and VC by Number of Investments

3.2.2 Comparison of VC and PE by Amount of Investments

3.3 Stages

3.4 Regions

3.4.1 PE

3.4.2 VC

3.5 Chinese and Foreign Investors

3.5.1 PE

3.5.2 VC

4. Equity Investment in China, 2010

4.1 Scale

4.2 Industries

4.3 Stages

4.4 Regions

4.5 Chinese and Foreign Investors

5. Equity Investment in Key Chinese Industries

5.1 Healthcare Industry


5.1.2 VC

5.2 IT Industry

5.2.1 PE

5.2.2 VC

5.3 Energy Industry

5.3.1 PE

5.3.2 VC

5.4 Internet Industry

5.4.1 PE

5.4.2 VC

5.5 Media & Entertainment Industry

5.5.1 PE

5.5.2 VC

6. Key Private Equity Investment Companies

6.1 Carlyle

6.1.1 Investments

6.1.2 Carlyle Asia Partners III

6.2 Goldman Sachs

6.2.1 Profile

6.2.2 Investments and Exits

6.2.3 Preference for China after the Financial Crisis

6.3 CDH

6.3.1 Profile

6.3.2 Investments

6.4 Warburg Pincus

6.4.1 Profile

6.4.2 Investments and Exits

6.5 New Horizon Capital

6.5.1 Profile

6.5.2 Investments

6.6 Baring Private Equity Asia

6.6.1 Profile

6.6.2 Investments and Exits

6.7 CCB International

6.7.1 Profile

6.7.2 Investments

6.7.3 New Funds

6.8 TPG

6.9 Prax Capital

6.9.1 Profile

6.9.2 Investments

6.10 Beijing Hony Future Investment Advisor Limited

6.11 Hopu Investments Management Company Limited

6.12 Bain Capital

6.13 CITIC Capital Holdings Limited

6.14 Trustbridge Partners

6.15 Temasek Holdings

7. Key Venture Capital Investment Companies

7.1 Shenzhen Capital Group

7.1.1 Profile

7.1.2 Investments and Exits

7.2 Legend Capital

7.2.1 Profile

7.2.2 Investments

7.3 Shenzhen Fortune Venture Capital Company Limited

7.3.1 Profile

7.3.2 Investments

7.4 Kunwu Jiuding Capital Company Limited

7.4.1 Profile

7.4.2 Investments

7.5 Orchid Asia Group Management Limited

7.5.1 Profile

7.5.2 Investments

7.6 SAIF Partners

7.6.1 Profile

7.6.2 Investments

7.6.3 Mass PRIM Investment in SAIF Partners IV LP

7.7 China Science and Merchants Capital Management Company Limited

7.7.1 Profile

7.7.2 Investments

7.7.3 RMB20 Billion of Liaoning Coastal Economic Zone Development Fund

7.8 IDG Capital Partners

7.8.1 Profile

7.8.2 Investments

7.9 Intel Capital

7.10 Sequoia Capital China

7.11 Green Pine Capital Partners

7.12 Tiantu Capital

7.13 Cowin Capital

7.14 iD TechVentures

7.15 SB China Venture Capital

7.16 DFJ

8. Development Trends of Equity Investment in China

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