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Jun 24, 2010

Global and China Automotive Audio and Infotainment Industry Report, 2009-2010 Now Available at ReportsandReports

Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce it Will Global and China Automotive Audio and Infotainment Industry Report, 2009-2010 Market Research Report in its Store.

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The factory OEM market is dominating the global auto audio industry while aftermarket mainly refers to changing audio cassette into CD player. Consumers will seldom modify the audio system if it is already a CD player. In 2009, the global auto audio industry still centered on the factory OEM market while the aftermarket only occupied 14.4% of the entire market scale. The global auto audio market is maturely developed, so there is small growth space for this market and the price keeps falling. It is estimated that the market size of auto audio during 2010-2012 will not experience a substantial increase, nor will the market size of auto audio aftermarket.

The auto audio in China is also led by the factory OEM market with the major manufacturers of auto audio covering Fujitsu-ten, Siemens VDO, Mobis Shanghai, Delphi, etc., of which, Fujitsu-ten enjoyed the largest shipment in 2009 with the market share reaching 15%.

Automotive Infotainment is a kind of equipment combining both automotive information system and entertainment system. In 2009, the global shipment of auto Infotainment was decreased, mainly owing to the declined demand of premium automobiles worldwide. The global shipment of auto Infotainment is mainly concentrated in Japan, European Union and North America, wherein, the shipment of auto Infotainment in Japan in 2009 accounted for 32.6% of the global total shipment.

In the factory OEM market of auto Infotainment, the manufacturers that possess more than 10% market shares include Continental, Becker, Denso and AisinAW, while in the aftermarket, the ones with over 10% market shares cover Pioneer, Panasonic, Becker, Blaupunkt, and Alpine.

The manufacturers of automotive Infotainment in China are primarily composed of foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures, of which, the foreign-funded enterprises approximately occupy 50%, the joint ventures about 40%, and Chinese local enterprises only 10%.

Table of Contents

1 Global Automobile Industry and Market

2 China Automobile Industry and Market
2.1 Recent Development
2.2 Brand Pattern
2.3 Sales Data
2.4 Export
2.5 Financial Status Quo of Major Automobile Groups

3.1 Profile
3.2 Industrial Mode & Function
3.3 Development History
3.4 Status Quo
3.5 TELEMATICS in China
3.6 Market and Industry

4 Market and Industry of Auto Audio System
4.1 Profile
4.2 Industry Chain
4.3 Market
4.4 Market Share of Global Manufacturers
4.4.1 Factory OEM Market
4.4.2 Major Suppliers & Proportions
4.4.3 Aftermarket
4.5 China Auto Audio Industry and Market
4.5.1 Auto Audio Manufacturers and Whole Vehicle Manufacturers
4.5.2 China Auto Audio Market
4.5.3 China Auto Audio and Infotainment Industry

5 Auto Infotainment Industry and Market
5.1 Industry Chain
5.2 Market
5.3 Market Share of Global Major Manufacturers
5.4 Supply Proportions of Global Auto Infotainment Manufacturers and Automakers
5.5 Market Share of In-vehicle Communication

6 Global Auto Audio & INFOTAINMENT Manufacturers
6.1 Harman International
6.2 Continental Corp.
6.3 Pioneer
6.4 Foryou Group
6.5 Alpine
6.6 Clarion
6.7 Delphi
6.8 Visteon
6.9 Hangsheng Electronics
6.10 Panasonic
6.11 Fujitsu Ten
6.12 Aisin Seiki
6.13 Denso
6.14 Panyu Juda Car Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.
6.15 Mobis
6.15.1 Mobis Shanghai
6.15.2 Hyundai AUTONET
6.17 Coagent Electronic S&T Co., Ltd.
6.18 Shenzhen Baoling
6.19 JVC Kenwood
6.21 BOSE

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