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Jun 27, 2010

Report Abstract (Google vs. Apple: Clash of the Titans) Now Available at ReportsandReports

Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce it Will Report Abstract (Google vs. Apple: Clash of the Titans) Market Research Report in its Store.

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Google and Apple, the two titans of the Information Age, have entered into head-to-head competition in several overlapping markets. Google’s foray into operating systems and browser markets, and Apple’s incursion into web services have pitted the two companies squarely against each other. With battle lines drawn, the two companies are locking horns in the areas of devices and operating systems, browsers, web advertising, applications stores, and cloud computing. This report examines the roots of this adversarial relationship and its implications for all the areas in which the two companies are competing.

Table Of contents

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Scope and Methodology

2.1 Scope

2.2 Target Audience

2.3 Methodology

2.3.1 Interviews

2.3.2 Additional Primary and Secondary Research

2.3.3 Trend Tracking

2.4 Additional Related Information

3.0 Emerging from the Shadows

3.1 Historical Perspective

3.1.1 Google’s History

3.1.2 Apple’s History

3.2 Products and Services

3.2.1 Google Products and Services

3.2.2 Apple Products and Services

4.0 In the Spotlight

4.1 The Physical Backdrop

4.2 The Leadership

4.3 From Associates to Adversaries

4.3.1 Cracks in Relationship

4.3.2 Tensions Emerge

4.3.3 Fissures Widen

4.3.4 Competition Heats Up

5.0 Competing in the Smartphone Market

5.1 Android

5.1.1 Android Overview

5.1.2 Software Development Kit

5.1.3 Third Party Apps

5.1.4 Android and Open Source

5.1.5 Drawbacks/Shortcomings

5.1.6 Smartphones Rollout

5.1.7 Nexus One

5.2 iPhone OS

5.2.1 iPhone Overview

5.2.2 Features

5.2.3 Applications

5.2.4 iPhone OS and Open Source

5.2.5 Drawbacks/Shortcomings

5.2.6 iPhone Smartphones

5.2.7 iPhone OS 4

5.3 Comparative Analysis

5.4 Smartphone Market Trends

5.5 Market Forecasts

6.0 Competing in the Netbooks/Nettabs Market

6.1 iPad

6.1.1 iPad Overview

6.1.2 Competitive Strengths

6.1.3 System-On-a-Chip

6.1.4 iPhone OS for iPad

6.1.5 Marketing Focus

6.1.6 Physical Characteristics

6.1.7 Feature Functionality

6.1.8 iPad Drawbacks/Shortcomings

6.1.9 iPad Markets

6.1.10 Pricing

6.1.11 iPad Assessment

6.2 Chrome OS

6.2.1 Chrome OS Overview

6.2.2 Vendors and Roll-Out Plans

6.2.3 Chrome OS and Cloud Computing

6.2.4 Chrome OS Media Player

6.2.5 Competitive Strengths

6.2.6 Chrome OS and Chromium OS

6.2.7 Chrome OS vs. Android

6.3 Comparative Analysis

6.4 Market Trends

6.5 Market Forecast

7.0 Competing in the Browser Market

7.1 Safari Browser

7.2 Chrome Browser

7.3 Comparative Analysis

7.4 Market Trends

7.5 Market Forecasts

8.0 Cloud Computing

8.1 Google’s Cloud Strategy

8.2 Apple’s Cloud Strategy

8.3 Comparative Analysis 7

8.4 Market Trends

8.5 Market Forecasts

9.0 Mobile Apps Stores

9.1 Apple’s App Store

9.2 Google’s Android Market

9.3 Comparative Analysis

9.4 Market Trends

9.5 Market Forecasts

10.0 Internet Search and Advertising

10.1 Google’s Positioning

10.2 Apple’s Positioning

10.3 Comparative Analysis

10.4 Market Trends

10.5 Market Sizing and Forecast

11.0 Financial Indicators

11.1 Revenue

11.2 Piqqem Sentiment Index

11.3 Stock Prices

11.4 Key Business Metrics

11.5 Price-to-Earnings Ratio

11.6 Growth Trends

12.0 Google and Apple: An Assessment

12.1 Apple: An Assessment

12.1.1 Mac OS X

12.1.2 The Next Wave

12.2 Google: An Assessment

12.2.1 Web Search and Advertising

12.2.2 The Next Wave

12.3 The Future

13.0 Conclusion

13.1 Contributions of Google and Apple

13.1.1 Google’s Contributions

13.1.2 Apple’s Contributions

13.1.3 Putting the Contributions in Perspective

13.2 Market and Technology Trends

13.2.1 Significance of Open Source

13.2.2 Importance of Web 2.0

13.2.3 Trends in Mobile Platforms

13.2.4 Shifting Power Dynamics

13.3 High-Growth Areas

13.3.1 Smartphones

13.3.2 Netbooks and Nettabs

13.3.3 Browsers

13.3.4 Cloud Computing

13.3.5 Apps Stores

13.3.6 Web Advertising

Appendix 1: Acronyms

Appendix 2: Feedback Form

Appendix 3: About Information Consulting, LLC

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