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Jul 16, 2012

Clothing and footwear retail market in Russia 2012

Clothing and footwear retail market in Russia 2012
Luxury market insight and development forecasts for 2012-2014
Which retail chains are succeeding in Russian clothing and footwear?
Learn how top sellers and luxury retailers will fare to 2014.

Explore the complexities of the retail market for clothing, footwear and accessories in Russia through detailed descriptions of its major segments, distribution channels and leading retail chains. Look into the world of luxury retail in Russia and gain an understanding of the opportunities and roadblocks presented by factors such as market trends and economic and demographic conditions, and find out how 20 major retail chains overcome challenges to grow and prosper.

You’ll find all of this information and much more in Clothing and footwear retail market in Russia 2012, Luxury market insight and development forecasts for 2012-2014, the fifth edition of the comprehensive market study from PMR.

This unique business intelligence source provides historic, current and future data and information on market size, value, and structure. It offers expert analysis of all relevant segments of the clothing, footwear and accessories and luxury merchandise markets, and describes the current conditions and forecast status of the country’s foremost distribution channels. It reviews the prospects for construction of new shopping centres and profiles the country’s largest retail chains in terms of size, wealth and plans for the future.
Report Details:
Published: July 2012
No.of Pages: 149
Price: Single User License: US$2520   Corporate User License: US$5040


This edition offers the latest information on the emerging consumer trends that promise to guide market growth in the years ahead. It provides forecasts on market direction, identifies new retailers entering the market and delves further into a more detailed analysis of key clothing segments than in previous editions of the report. Extra attention is also paid to evaluation of the growing sector of online sales of clothing, footwear and accessories in Russia in terms of its current value and potential for expansion. In addition, this document delivers data and expert analysis of the size, value, distribution channels and major retailers for the luxury clothing, footwear and accessories market, and forecasts its development for the period to 2014.

Professionals working within the clothing, footwear and accessories market in Russia will rely on this document for the data and analysis they need to effectively estimate growth potential, evaluate possible investment opportunities, engage in new business development in fields that support the Russian retail industry and conduct trend, opportunity and competitive analysis. Russian retailers, manufacturers and importers, IT and promotional display services providers and commercial real estate developers represent just a few of the businesses that will use this document during everyday operations as well as for critical decision making.