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Jul 19, 2012

Targeting Adult Consumer Needs in Soft Drinks

As the world ages and the soft drinks industry matures, the need to target specific adult groups increases. This report analyzes the value and volume of drinks consumption by adults across the soft drinks industry, segmented by region and category. As an important adult-focused category, malt beverage sales are broken out in their own right.
Features and benefits
  • Understand how adult soft drinks consumption breaks down by age group, category and geography of adult soft drinks consumption.
  • Assess which developments in the consumption of soft drinks by adults will be the most important over the coming years.
  • Identify how companies are tailoring their soft drinks new product development to meet specific adult groups’ demands.
  • Analyze the global market for malt beverages, how it breaks down geographically, and how its growth patterns are changing.
  • Understand the key success factors when seeking to market soft drinks as alcohol substitutes in the on-trade.
In 2011 the number of over-55s worldwide overtook the number of 25-34s for the first time. The slowest-growing adult group has been 18-24s, as the impact of China’s one child policy has joined the impact of low birth rates in Europe and slowing birth rates in other mid-income countries.
The growth seen in the malt category between 2006-2011 in volume terms was an annual average of 5.3%, higher than was seen in any of the major categories other than RTD tea & coffee. Although brewed drinks are gaining share globally, the Africa & Middle East region will keep its dominant market position to 2016.
All major developed markets are set to show lower alcoholic drinks volume consumption per head in 2015 than they did in 2005, with the UK and France showing particularly substantial declines. The combined growth of soft and low/no-alcohol alternatives will increasingly normalize the consumption of non-alcoholic drinks.
Your key questions answered
  • Which categories are the most important driving consumption among each of the different adult age groups?
  • How are aging populations affecting the dynamics of soft drinks markets in the developed and developing world?
  • How will economic and technological factors affect the marketing of soft drinks to adults?
  • How representative is the malt beverages market of wider trends in adult soft drinks?
  • Why are adults with soft drinks becoming an important topic at the current time? 

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Published: July 2012
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Table Of contents

John Band

Market size and growth
Market drivers
Key product development areas
Case studies
Future opportunities

Definition and scope
Market definitions
What this report is about

Market size and growthSummary
Market demographics
Adult share of soft drinks consumption
Adult soft drinks value and volume
Volume by geography
Volume by category
Value by age group
Value by geography
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Segmentation by age, region & category

Market driversSummary
Demographic changes
Changing age patterns
Changing cultures and tastes
Changing incomes