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Jul 15, 2012

Construction sector in Bulgaria 2012

Construction sector in Bulgaria 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2014 describes the effects of economic and market changes on construction activity in the residential, non-residential and infrastructure construction segments of Bulgaria. This report takes readers deep into the workings of the industry by providing information and analysis on size, value and structure, the competitive landscape, and the future prospects for contractors and materials suppliers operating within Hungary’s borders.
Created in a format compatible with other PMR market reports on construction in Central Europe, this document allows readers to engage in comparative analysis between Bulgaria and other regional markets. It delivers data on prices, employment, wages and other market components, along with analysis of the current and future effects of trends in macroeconomics, pending legal actions, investment and funding of public and private projects.
The report focuses on the projects and corporations leading the construction recovery in a new chapter dedicated to the competitive environment. In addition to facts on companies, their financial value and latest projects, this chapter includes clarification of mergers and acquisitions and popular strategies that contractors and materials providers are using to adapt to industry-wide changes. Also provided – access to a directory of 100 contractors and an Excel file of details on 100 of the most promising planned projects set to begin in Bulgaria.
The document explores the plans and financing in place for transport infrastructure projects, new housing construction and commercial construction to meet the demands of a growing retail and service sector. It furnishes growth rates for the major market segments and pinpoints areas where the quickest growth will appear during the forecast period.
Construction sector in Bulgaria 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2014 is a valuable business tool for professionals beginning market operations, considering merger activity, assessing industry potential and analyzing value, structure and competition.  
I. Report methodology p. 7
II. Executive summary p. 9
III. Macroeconomic overview p. 13
IV. Construction overview p. 21
V. Civil engineering construction p. 31
VI. Non-residential construction p. 49
VII. Residential construction p. 63
VIII. Competitive environment p. 77
IX. List of graphs p. 85
X. List of tables p. 87
XI. About PMR p. 89
XII. Contact PMR p. 90
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