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Jul 28, 2010

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Benefitting from the rapid development of the automotive industry, China’s auto parts industry has witnessed increasingly fast development in recent years. China’s auto parts and accessories manufacturing industry realized a total industrial output value of RMB1.0822 trillion in 2009, up 20.39% year-on-year. In Feb., 2010, the number of auto parts manufacturers above designated size (i.e. with annual sales revenue exceeding RMB 5 million) rose to 10,788, and the number of employees also exceeded two million, both were better than the year of 2009.

From the perspective of regional distribution, China’s auto parts industry has conspicuous clustering feature, and has formed large auto parts manufacturing clusters in Yangtze River Delta (YRD), Pearl River Delta (PRD) and Northeast. It mainly relies on Shanghai VW, Shanghai GM, Chery, Jiangsu Yaxing, Nanjing Jinling and Nanjing FIAT in YRD, Guangzhou Honda and Guangzhou Aeolus in PRD, and FAW in Northeast, the total industrial output value of auto parts and accessories of the three regions accounted for 54.3% of China’s total.

From the perspective of product, foreign brands mainly dominate the fields such as auto glass, auto tires and car audio. In 2009, among the top five car glass OEMs by market share, three were foreign brands; and of the top five auto tire and car audio manufacturers by original market shipment, four were foreign brands as well. However, auto engine was mainly domestically produced, and the top five auto engine manufacturers by sales were Yuchai, Dong’an Auto Engine, Weichai Power, Dongfeng Cummins and Shanghai Diesel Engine, only Dongfeng Cummins was a Sino-foreign joint venture.

Table of Content

1. China’s Auto Parts Industry Overview

1.1 Overview

1.2 Development Course

1.3 Industrial Mode

1.4 Competitiveness

2. China’s Auto Parts Development

2.1 Industrial Output Value & Company Development

2.2 Policy Environment

2.3 Industry Chain

2.4 Characteristics of China Auto Parts Supply System

2.5 Existing Problems

2.6 Development Trend

2.6.1 Supply System

2.6.2 Auto Part Products

3. China’s Auto Parts Import & Export

3.1 Import & Export by Product Type

3.2 Key Provinces & Municipalities

3.3 Import & Export by Country

3.4 Import & Export by Continent

4. China’s Auto Parts Development by Regional Market

4.1 YRD

4.1.1 Industrial Output Value

4.1.2 Import & Export

4.1.3 Industry Plan

4.2 Northeast

4.2.1 Industrial Output Value

4.2.2 Import & Export

4.2.3 Industry Plan

4.3 PRD

4.3.1 Industrial Output Value

4.3.2 Import & Export

5. Auto Engine

5.1 Auto Engine

5.1.1 Output

5.1.2 Competition

5.1.3 Import & Export

5.2 Auto Engine Parts

5.3 Development Trend

5.4 Key Manufacturers

5.4.1 Weichai Power

5.4.2 Yuchai Group

5.4.3 Shanghai Diesel Engine

5.4.4 Shanghai HINO

5.4.5 Dongfeng Cummins

5.4.6 Yunnei Power

5.4.7 Dong’an Auto Engine

5.4.8 Weifu Company

6. Auto Tire

6.1 China’s Auto Tire Market Overview

6.2 Market Shares of China’s Key Auto Tire Manufacturers

6.3 Tire Configurations of Common Auto Models in China

6.4 Foreign Tire Manufacturers in China

6.4.1 Michelin

6.4.2 Bridgestone

6.4.3 Goodyear


6.4.5 Pirelli

6.5 China’s Tire Manufacturers

6.5.1 Qingdao Yellowsea Rubber Group Co., Ltd

6.5.2 Aeolus Tire Co., Ltd

6.5.3 Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd

6.5.4 GITI Tire Co., Ltd

6.5.5 Qingdao Double Star Tire Industrial Co., Ltd

6.5.6 Double Coin Holdings Ltd

7. Car Audio

7.1 Overview

7.2 Key Manufacturers

7.3 Global Car Audio Market Scale

7.4 China Car Audio Industry and Market

7.4.1 Supply Status

7.4.2 Market Share

7.5 Key Companies

7.5.1 Continental Group

7.5.2 Clarion

7.5.3 JVC Kenwood

7.5.4 Hang Sheng Electronic

7.5.5 Fujitsu Ten

7.5.6 Panasonic Dalian

7.5.7 Pioneer Shanghai

7.5.8 Alpine Dalian

7.5.9 Delphi Suzhou

7.5.10 Mobis Shanghai

8. Auto Glass

8.1 Market

8.1.1 Supply Status

8.1.2 Competition

8.2 Key Companies

8.2.1 Asahi Glass

8.2.2 Pilkington China

8.2.3 Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass

8.2.4 Xinyi Glass

8.2.5 Fuyao Glass

9. Auto Chassis

9.1 Market Overview

9.2 Special-purpose Auto Chassis

9.3 Key Companies

9.3.1 Mando (Beijing) Auto Chassis System Co., Ltd

9.3.2 Pingyuan Hengming Automobile Chassis

9.3.3 Anyang Gulong Auto Chassis Parts Co., Ltd

9.3.4 Norstar Founders Group Limited

9.3.5 Harbin Wanxiang Hafei Auto Chassis System Co., Ltd

9.3.6 Jiangxi Jiangling Chassis Co., Ltd

10. Auto Body

10.1 Auto Body & Accessories

10.2 Auto Body Electronics

10.3 Key Companies

10.3.1 Xiamen Golden Dragon Auto Body Co., Ltd

10.3.2 Hunan Changsha Pingtou Automobile Body Manufacture Factory

10.3.3 Hubei Qixing Cabin Manufacturing Co., Ltd

10.3.4 Hunan Tongxin International Co., Ltd

10.3.5 Guangdong FODAY Automobile Co., Ltd

10.3.6 Liuzhou Liuxin Auto Stamping Co., Ltd

11. Auto Air-condition

11.1 Market

11.1.1 Auto Air-condition Compressor Output

11.1.2 Supply Status

11.2 Key Companies

11.2.1 Shanghai Delphi Automotive Air-conditioning System Co., Ltd

11.2.2 Valeo Automotive Air-conditioning (Hubei) Co., Ltd

11.2.3 Tianjin Sanden Auto Air-conditioning Co., Ltd

11.2.4 Mudanjiang Foton Automotive Air Conditioner Co., Ltd

11.2.5 Shanghai Sanden Behr Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

11.2.6 Nanjing Aotecar Refrigerating Co., Ltd

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