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Jul 28, 2010

China Financial POS Machine Industry Report, 2009-2010 of Research In China now available at ReportsandReports

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With the growing number of bank cards and increasing bank card consumption, the financial POS machine coverage has increased gradually in China. The quantity of China’s networking POS machines has boosted up at a CAGR over 35% since 2003. The growth rate achieved 59.9% in 2008 due to the Beijing Olympics, and reached 30.3% in 2009, a slight decline over 2008 but still a strong growth, and the number of networking POS machines all over China amounted to 2.4083 million sets in 2009.

In China, key POS machine companies include Ingenico, Fujian Landi Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd and VeriFone. In 2008, Ingenico acquired 55% shares of Fujian Landi, which sold nearly 300,000 sets of POS machines in China in 2009, to increase its share in China’s market to around 50% while decreasing the share of VeriFone to around 33%.

China’s financial POS machine market will maintain rapid growth in 2010 with continuous growth of citizen consumption. Firstly, as single POS machine in China is corresponding to a relatively higher quantity of bank cards, the financial POS machine coverage will be further expanded. Secondly, nationwide, the number of cards issued by banks will continue to grow.

Based on statistics from authoritative sources such as the People’s Bank of China, China Banking Association, National Bureau of Statistics and China UnionPay, the report has made an in-depth analysis on the status quo of China’s financial POS machine industry, financial POS machine business development of key operators (banks), as well as the operation of key domestic and foreign financial POS machine manufacturers, and forecasted future development trend of financial POS machine industry.

Table of Content

1. China’s Financial POS Machine Industry Overview

1.1 Financial POS Machine Definition

1.2 Financial POS Machine Categories

1.3 Development Course

2. Profitability Modes of Related Financial POS Machine Business Subjects

2.1 Financial POS Machine Business Flow and Business Subjects

2.2 Banks & UnionPay

2.3 Merchants

2.4 Telecom Operators

2.5 Financial POS Machine Manufacturers

3. China’s Financial POS Machine Industry Development

3.1 Networking Merchant & Bank Card Scale, 2009

3.2 Financial POS Machine Market Scale, 2009

4. Key Financial POS Machine Operators in China

4.1 China UnionPay

4.2 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

4.3 China Construction Bank

4.4 Bank of China

4.5 Agricultural Bank of China

4.6 Bank of Communications

4.7 China Merchants Bank

4.8 China Minsheng Bank

4.9 China Everbright Bank

4.10 Bank of Beijing

5. Foreign Financial POS Machine Industry Competition

5.1 International Market

5.2 China’s Market

6. China’s Key POS Machine Manufacturers

6.1 Fujian Landi Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd

6.1.1 Company Profile

6.1.2 Operation

6.1.3 Development

6.2 Shenzhen Zhengtong Electronics Co., Ltd

6.2.1 Company Profile

6.2.2 Operation

6.2.3 Development

6.3 PAX Computer Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

6.3.1 Company Profile

6.3.2 Operation

6.3.3 Development

6.4 Fujian Newland Computer Co., Ltd

6.4.1 Company Profile

6.4.2 Operation

6.4.3 Development

6.5 GreatWall Information Industry Co., Ltd

6.5.1 Company Profile

6.5.2 Operation

6.5.3 Development

6.6 Shanghai Potevio Co., Ltd

6.6.1 Company Profile

6.6.2 Operation

6.6.3 Development

6.7 Shenzhen SED Industry Co., Ltd

6.7.1 Company Profile

6.7.2 Operation

6.7.3 Development

6.8 Others

6.8.1 Blue Bamboo Transaction Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

6.8.2 Hangzhou Sunyard Technology Co., Ltd

6.8.3 Ingenico Electronic Equipments (Beijing) Co., Ltd

6.8.4 Shanghai Sand Information Technology System Co., Ltd

6.8.5 Zhongchao Credit Card Industry Development Co., Ltd

6.8.6 Shanghai SVA Computer Co., Ltd

6.8.7 New POS Technology Limited

6.8.8 Shenzhen Xinguodu Technology Co., Ltd

6.8.9 Sky Microwave Co., Ltd

6.8.10 Fujian Star-net Communication Co.,Ltd

6.8.11 SPECTRA Technologies Holdings Co. Ltd

7. Key International POS Machine Manufactures

7.1 Ingenico

7.2 VeriFone

7.3 Hypercom

7.4 Gemalto

7.5 NEC

8. China’s Financial POS Machine Market Development Trend

8.1 Development Trend

8.2 Development Prospect of POS Machine Market Segments

8.2.1 Wireless POS Machine

8.2.2 EPOS Market

8.2.3 Fingerprint POS Machine

8.2.4 Tobacco POS Machine

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