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Jul 28, 2010

China High-speed Railway and Subway Industry Report, 2009-2010 of Research In China now available at ReportsandReports

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China high-speed railway has stepped into rapid development in recent years. Up to the end of May, 2010, there have been 13 in-service high-speed railways (speed ≥200 km/h) in China with the total operating mileage of 6,552 kilometers, ranking the first worldwide.

In the future, China will construct ‘4 vertical & 4 horizontal’ passenger dedicated lines and intercity passenger transportation system with inter-city and urban network as the core. By 2012, China will have built up 13000-km main trunk lines of high-speed railway, of which, 5,000 kilometers are suitable for the speed of 250 km/h and 8,000 kilometers for the speed of 350 km/h.

Apart from the analysis of current construction & operation, future planning and key high-speed railway projects of high-speed railway industry both in China and worldwide, the second part of this report highlights the status quo of construction & operation, future planning of global and China subway industry, as well as makes an in-depth analysis about subway construction and planning in 12 province and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, etc.

Motivated by urbanization, the subway construction in China has also experienced booming growth. Up till 2009, 11 cities possessed subways and the total operating mileage hit 1038.7 kilometers. Of which, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou were the Top 3 cities in the aspect of operating kilometrage, occupying 31.8%, 22.0% and 15.4%, respectively.

Shanghai: Up to April, 2010, there have been 11 subway lines under operation in Shanghai with the operating mileage of 420 kilometers.

Beijing: Transportation network of 9 subway lines has been formed in Beijing and the total operating kilometrage has reached 228 kilometers. By the end of 2010, 5 subway lines, i.e. Yizhuang, Daxing, Fangshan, Changping Project I, and Line 15 Shunyi Section will be put into operation, then, the operating mileage of subways in Beijing will hit 307 kilometers.

Guangzhou: Up till April, 2010, there have been 5 subway lines in Guangzhou with the total operating mileage reaching 160 kilometers. Another 68 kilometers will be put into operation by the end of 2010, and afterwards, the operating subway lines will be 222 kilometers.

In addition, this report casts light on the operation, development strategy & outlook, etc. of 5 key enterprises (China Railway Group Limited, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, China Railway Erju Co., Ltd., China State Construction Engineering Corporation, and Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd.) engaged in the construction and operation of high-speed railway and subway.

Table of Contents

I China High-speed Railway Industry

1 Current Development of High-speed Railway Worldwide

1.1 Development History

1.2 Status Quo

1.2.1 Overview

1.2.2 Operation in Major Countries

1.3 Development Planning

2 Current Development of China High-speed Railway

2.1 Development History

2.2 Operation

2.2.1 Passenger Dedicated Lines

2.2.2 Intercity Railway

2.3 Development Planning

2.3.1 Strategic Planning of Year 2020

2.3.2 Special Planning for Passenger Transportation

2.3.3 Overseas Construction Planning

3 Key Projects of China High-speed Railway

3.1 Key In-service Projects

3.1.1 Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway

3.1.2 Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Railway

3.1.3 Zhengzhou-Xi’an Passenger Dedicated Line

3.2 Key Planned Projects

3.2.1 Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway

3.2.2 Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link

3.2.3 Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway

3.2.4 Harbin-Dalian Passenger Dedicated Line

3.2.5 Beijing-Taipei High-speed Railway

4 Influence on Relevant Industries

4.1 Aviation Industry

4.2 Tourism

4.3 Other Sectors

4.3.1 Regional Consumption

4.3.2 Real Estate

4.3.3 Logistics and Commercial Trading Industry

II China Subway Industry

5 Subway Development Worldwide

5.1 Operating Mileage

5.2 Passenger Transport Percentage

6 Subway Development in China

6.1 Environment

6.2 Investment& Construction

6.2.1 Conditions for Construction

6.2.2 Climax of Construction

6.2.3 Status Quo of Subway Network Construction

6.3 Planning of China Subway Network

7 Subway Construction in Major Cities

7.1 Beijing

7.1.1 Operation of In-service Lines

7.1.2 Under-construction & Planned Lines

7.2 Shanghai

7.2.1 Development History

7.2.2 Operation of In-service Lines

7.2.3 Under-construction & Planned Lines

7.3 Guangzhou

7.3.1 In-service Lines

7.3.2 Under-construction & Planned Lines

7.4 Shenzhen

7.5 Tianjin

7.5.1 Present Lines

7.5.2 Construction & Planning

7.6 Nanjing

7.6.1 Present Lines

7.6 2 Construction & Planning

7.7 Other Cities

7.7.1 Xi’an

7.7.2 Chengdu

7.7.3 Zhengzhou

7.7.4 Ningbo

7.7.5 Fuzhou

7.7.6 Taiyuan

8 Competition Pattern of China Subways

8.1 Transport Capacity Competition

8.2 Regional Competition

8.3 Ticket Price Competition

III Key Enterprises

9 Key Enterprises of High-speed Railway/Subway

9.1 China Railway Group Limited (China Railway)

9.1.1 Profile

9.1.2 Operation

9.1.3 Order

9.1.4 R&D

9.2 China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC)

9.2.1 Profile

9.2.2 Operation

9.2.3 Order

9.2.4 Planned Projects

9.3 China Railway Erju Co., Ltd.

9.3.1 Profile

9.3.2 Operation

9.4 China State Construction Engineering Corporation (China Construction)

9.4.1 Profile

9.4.2 Operation

9.4.3 Strategy

9.5 Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd. (Shentong Metro)

9.5.1 Profile

9.5.2 Operation

9.5.3 Development Outlook

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