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Mar 16, 2012

Alcoholic Drinks Market in Poland

Sales of alcoholic drinks grew at the slow pace in 2011, revealing signs of saturation. Although the Polish economy has been surprisingly immune to the global economic turmoil, Poland is not able to fully decouple from the European sovereign debt crisis. The alcoholic drinks market was a casualty of a trend towards economising and thrift. Simultaneously, the market is becoming more sophisticated and diversified.

Polarisation in action

Encompassing the opposing forces of premiumisation and economising, polarisation gains momentum in times of economic volatility. The meteoric expansion of discounters reflects the economising trend. On the other hand, the desire for small indulgences, the snob symbol effect, results in growing demand for affordable luxury products. Imported spirits, including whiskies, and local premium beers strongly benefit from aspirational consumption.

CEDC experiences tough times

The domestic powerhouse CEDC suffered badly in 2011. Due to the accumulation of problems in Poland and Russia the company was close to the bankruptcy. CEDC appears to have over-invested in acquisitions, which in combination with poor cash flow have resulted in mounting debt. CEDC is in talks with Russian Standard about the possibility of merger.

Poland Alcohol Market

Published: March 2012
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