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Mar 16, 2012

Corporate Financing Week Market Report

Weekly analysis of global mergers & acquisitions and corporate financing activity, with insight into all the dominant trends.
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Corporate Financing Week (CFW) coverage has expanded, bringing you not only geographical breadth through coverage of North America and emerging markets, but also greater analytical depth.

The scope of CFW analysis has expanded in a way that leverages off Business Monitor's award winning Country Risk and Industry analysis. The publication now anticipates M&A and IPO trends by examining changes in the context of financial flows and dominant industry trends. It also identifies key growth M&A and IPO areas across the world, by analysing changes in the business environment of emerging markets, which is already a focus of BMI expertise. CFW now provides systematic tracking of corporate financing trends, which are summarised in CFW key market views.

Corporate Financing Week

Published: March 2012
Price: Single User License: US$ 2695

Mergers and Acquisitions - M&A activity with news and analysis on all key deals
IPOs and Privatisations - News and analysis on the major initial public offerings and privatisations
Equity and Debt Financing - Key company financing strategies, analysing the respective corporate and industry implications
Key Global Market Views - CFW's top five market views on the corporate financing outlook summarised in table format
Deal of the Week - The deal that best validates CFW's market view or represents a significant deviation from global corporate financing trends
Closing Bell - Weekly key themes in global M&A and equity markets
Global M&A Data - Lists of the most active industries in global M&A activity, with number of deals in each industry sector and total value
Global M&A Record - A detailed list of the largest M&A deals around the world each month, highlighting the target name, the acquirer name, the seller name, the payment type and the deal status

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